DA Meetings:
Sign-making Assembly tentatively scheduled for 2 January 2012

Upcoming Events:
Bank demonstration to urge customers (including municipalities) to move their resources from Bank of America and Wells Fargo to local credit unions.
For more info on this, see: http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/my-money/2011/11/14/7-ways-credit-un...
More details on the demo to come, as it is agreed upon by the General Assembly.




rx tx = prescription transfer

rx tx = prescription transfer
(from a corporation pharmacy, to a locally owned pharmacy)

I also was in the dark about

I also was in the dark about purpose of RX day. I saw it come up at least a week in advance on website - which is helpful as past actions sometimes are not advertised far enough in advance - but was surprised that no info was provided and even this morning nothing. Some of our actions are not well attended possibly because there is not enough info. The twitter feed today, to the right of these comments, was the first thing I found about FX TX on the website. For me, background to actions, links to more information, etc. would get me engaged. (Or maybe my problem is that I am not on Facebook and miss the real world entirely.) Perhaps time spent on building up actions rather than more actions is necessary with such small numbers of us. Of course the real issue is that I need to sign up for the direct action committee to assist in this realm.

thank you for your comments

thank you for your comments Neal. 1. the initial thought of the Rx Tx most likely came up in a General Assembly, then was worked out in a working group - most likely Direct Action. You are correct it was talked about substantially on FB. 2. The more protestors/activists/members (take your pick!) we have out there adds to the excitement and general reception of the message. Sorry you didn't make this one. It was an outstanding success even on a cold wet day. 3. Joining up in a working group is your best way to know what's on the burner, and your input is always needed! thanks again