Occupy Gainesville invites you to the first SouthEastern Regional Convergence of Occupations

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Occupy Gainesville invites you to the first SouthEastern Regional Convergence of Occupations (affectionately dubbed SERCO). This event was approved via consensus by the statewide Florida General Assembly on December 11, 2011. SERCO will take place from March 23-25, 2012, in the lush cypress groves of North Florida.

Occupy Gainesville commits to providing a safe campsite to host three days of workshops, skill-shares, and assemblies. But rather than setting the agenda ourselves, we invite all participants to help shape this event. We will help coordinate the planning, but you will decide the program itself, so that SERCO reflects the interests and concerns of all attendees. With this goal in mind, we propose three overlapping steps to start: 1) brainstorming and developing decision-making structures, 2) reaching agreement, 3) taking roles.

We are very excited about SERCO and the opportunity to develop a consensus-based, directly democratic process for our geographic region. Through this, we can build and strengthen a network of activists and occupations from the Caribbean to the Southeastern U.S.; achieve a model for more effective global coordination in the spring, summer, and the coming years; celebrate the great diversity of our cultures; and find new cohesiveness in our common aims of creating a more just, free, and sustainable world.

We encourage local networking in your area: find others who would like to be involved in this planning, and share this invitation with your General Assembly. We request at least three people to serve as contacts from each occupation. We ask these contact persons to please respond to serco [at] occupygainesville.org. In the near future, we will distribute a promotional poster for you to display as a means of reaching participants with limited internet access. We will also make other means of communication, and additional program details, available in the next few weeks.

For now, there is an open Google groups list:
and you can visit SERCO on the web at: http://occupysoutheast.org.

See you in March!
In solidarity,
Occupy Gainesville and the SERCO affinity group

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I hope that this mass

I hope that this mass gathering could be used to have a debate. Invite the media and challenge citizens for the 1% to come forth and help us all search for common ground. I have said this before to members of Occupy Gainesville and I hope by saying it now that we can make this happen. I would be willing to offer my time and service to help making this event happen and I would encourage this idea to spread nationwide.