General Assembly Minutes 2012-01-24


Assign roles, approve agenda, respect check, donations – 5
Welcome, consensus review – 5
Announcements – 5
Occupy Gainesville news – 5
Working and affinity group reports and proposals – 5
Open discussion – 15
Rave break – 5
Open floor – 10
General proposals – 10
Other Occupy news – 5
Announcements and appreciation – 5
Break down, pack up, roll out


Facilitator – Denise
Stack taker – Ilene
Time keeper – Junior
Vibe checker – Spike
Greeter/Guide – Annette
Note taker – Walton

John B delivered our respect check.

Ilene gave us our consensus review.


The State of the Union Address is tonight at 9 PM.

Tomorrow night, at 6:30 PM, Dr. Warwick will hold a workshop at the library about money and the economy. There will be a sign at the library to direct participants.

Tomorrow, also at the library, at 6 PM, the Equal Opportunity Division will have a summit meeting in the top room. They’d like us to bring our energy and help them develop some actions.

Occupy Gainesville news

Monsanto’s propaganda bus was parked at UF today. Some OGers educated themselves and brought an alternative viewpoint to the campus denizens. The bus made no mention of chemicals or GMOs. Annette respectfully argued throughout the Monsanto workers’ presentation, and some students were doing the same, claiming that people have the right to know what’s in their food. From 2 – 4, there was a mic check and a die-in, a video of which has been posted online. Many students commended the OGers for protesting. They also discovered that it’s rather easy to hang out on campus and distribute flyers. Ilene made a sign with links and facts, and propped it up under Monsanto’s “welcome” sign.

Working and affinity group reports and proposals

Flash mob affinity group, via John B

Energized by Dr. West, a group of OGers decided to go after the Monsanto bus. Within 2 days, they showed that a small group can quickly organize and promote change.

Occupy info booth affinity group, via Annette

So far, a few individuals have volunteered to regularly staff our tent—but we still have shifts to fill, specifically: Saturday afternoons, Monday morning and afternoons, Thursday afternoons.
Friday, at noon, the group will meet at the tent to brainstorm improvements and other issues (like moving the booth to the sidewalk on University Ave.) Bring a bag lunch, come hang out and talk about it.

John B encourages everyone to take a shift at the tent. It’s a lot of fun; an opportunity to meet new people, have interesting conversations, see below the surface of the homelessness issues, see the hearts and minds of the homeless, meet interesting and curious people.

Internet working group, via Karrie

The downtown farmer’s garden, demonstrations at University and 13th, and radical cheerleading practice have been removed from the calendar. If you are a member of any the of working groups responsible for these events, and they are active and ongoing, please contact the internet group to have them reinstated to the calendar. (Veterans for Peace demonstrates on Tuesdays, from 4-6; on the first of the month, they start at 34th and Archer, and then move to University and 13th, then alternate between those two for the following weeks; if the month as 5 Tuesdays, they take the fifth Tuesday off. They welcome everyone to join them; they have plenty of signs.)

Admins on Facebook and the website that have been less involved are asked to take a more active role; the admins currently active are overworked and could use a hand. If you’re interested in becoming an admin, please contact the internet working group. We also need a Tumblr admin, otherwise the account will probably be deactivated.

The website is still independently protesting SOPA/PIPA. If you’ve seen a very distracting background, it’s an error leftover from the blackout last week. Graham is currently working on the problem.

Open discussion

Annette: we’re missing an opportunity at UF; we should help Occupy UF get energized and more active.

Ilene posted on the Occupy UF Facebook page, inviting them to join us today at the Monsanto bus. She saw a post that they had their first meeting of the semester on 17 January, so they appear to be revving back up for the Spring.

Dan is now UF faculty; he can Occupy wherever he wants.

John F emailed and posted an interview with George Soros. In sum: class warfare has begun, we’re part of it, it’s the worst situation he’s ever seen (and he lived through the Nazi regime), it will result in chaos, blood in the streets in Europe and maybe even the US.

John B is reading A People’s History of the United States, and the elites always say there will be blood; change does not mean chaos.

Karrie wants to start planning our next action.

Open floor

Friday, 17 February at 10 AM, in courtroom 2C, Junior is going after Universal Towing for compensation for the theft of his truck without notification.

Denise: Events and tabling at UF could be a useful recruitment tool

Since Friday, Ilene has seen people of all different ages and ethnicities around town in OG tshirts; it makes her goosebumpy and proud

Tommy: this morning, his friends at Occupy Tampa glitter-bombed Santorum

John F: last night, people were kicked out of the mulch and off the bricks; this morning, Willie stopped by the booth this morning, looking like a million bucks and on his way to school at Santa Fe.

Eric: Occupy is a beautiful thing; world peace, prosperity, love, with humanity; God bless.

No general proposals tonight

Other Occupy news

Follow-up to the glitterbombing of Santorum: a local news station caught it on film, did a story; supporters were interviewed, and expressed concerns about how dangerous glitter thrown by an Occupier can be when it gets in your eye

Occupy Daytona mic checked Romney, and Romney showed his dickish side

Occupy Jacksonville has asked Florida Occupations to come and occupy the debate on 26 January at North Florida College; Karrie is probably making the trip, talk to her if you’re interested

Occupy the World Economic Forum, in Sweden, is building igloos; mass demonstrations are not allowed, so they’re planning several random direct actions. One of the topics at the forum is evaluating capitalism and whether or not it is working; this involves the current model of crony capitalism, and whether or not capitalism—as taught—is valid and if it can self-correct.

Annette has more wool caps if anyone needs one. We can request more supplies for Occupy Supply, but please remember the people in colder climates who are enduring the winter, and consider whether or not we need those supplies more than those.

Announcements and appreciation

Dan's play, Galileo of Gainesville, will run for one more weekend at the Acrosstown Repertory Theatre (619 S Main). Friday and Saturday, the doors open at 6:30, and the show is at 7:00; on Sunday, doors open at 1:30, and the show begins at 2:00.

Stephen has acquired a pair of plastic sheets that we’ll use as dry-erase boards for SERCO.

Denise appreciates our anti-Monsanto activists; Florida Organic Growers were proud.

John B concurs with Denise.

John F appreciates Karrie for her dedication and enthusiasm for recent actions, Ilene for motivating the Monsanto action, and everyone else who participated

Karrie appreciates everyone who “died” today (at the die-in), and Lisa for reviving everyone

We all appreciated Junior for being a great timekeeper tonight

John F will be taking his car to the mechanic tomorrow, so he may be a little late; he’ll call Annette, Phil, John B if that’s the case


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