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To nourish the bodies and spirits of those who are dedicating their energies to the Occupation, with priority towards those who are struggling with homelessness or joblessness. We collect, prepare, and deliver (by bike) healthy food and drink, and staff a well-stocked first aid tent in the Downtown Plaza. We request the support of the Donations Committee, and want our efforts to be promoted by the Recruiting Committee – we are interested in the citizens who support this movement, but do not necessarily want to be downtown in the thick of it.


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99% Breakfast
Every Tuesday & Thursday morning at 9am at the Bo Diddley Plaza in Gainesville
You've probably heard about a 99¢ breakfast - a fast food corporation's marketing pitch aimed to sell you a fast cheap meal you can eat on the run. Sold via drive-thru, most of these meals are consumed by people alone in their cars, hurrying to get to work. They offer minimal nutritional value, and are produced from genetically modified mono-cropped foods made by companies like Monsanto.

The 99% Breakfast is pretty much the opposite. Served at no charge in the heart of downtown at the Bo Diddley Plaza, the 99% Breakfast is intended to create and strengthen community, particularly among the Occupy Gainesville movement, and the long-term jobless in our town. A buffet table is set up with local free-range organic eggs, fresh, seasonal fruit grown by local farmers, and home-baked bread, hot out of the oven, with butter and honey made from local hives. You've never tasted better.
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