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Lets have a GA in the Plaza round midnight.

I am heartened by the involvement of the several lawyers who have taken an interest in our cases. One of the things I have learned is that there is the possibility of reinforcing case law in the area of first amendment rights. I think that there can be no reason why citizens of an American city cannot choose to meet where and when they choose to. The signs at the plaza indicate that loitering is prohibited. Also it is apparently OK to "pass through". Previously, when many of us were arrested, we were doing it with the intention of occupying the plaza. That isn't what I'm suggesting this time. I'm just saying I think it would be cool to meet there as a General Assembly maybe next full moon or near it and discuss some issues that are lying dormant lately, such as how we can increase our level of activity, and visibility. We would not be loitering. We would be exercising our right to assembly. We need to peacefully and firmly assert our rights as citizens from time to time, and after recent events in Wisconsin where elections were purchased, it is not unreasonable to take an action such as this late GA, just to demonstrate that we are vigilant about asserting our rights. I will propose that we have a GA at the midnight hour at tonights GA, and seek consensus for the idea. Hope to see you there.

It's fascinating to me that

It's fascinating to me that the number of people who read the previous post about the late nite GA suggestion has jumped quite a bit lately. I hope this reflects increased interest, as opposed to repeated views by homeland security monitors. (I think I'm kidding). Anyway, Last nights GA was great, felt revitalized, and was very constructive, I thought. I love the new 7:30 GA time, works much better for me, and I'm not going to be absent so much now that Mary is recuperating so well. I'm hoping that we will agree to meet 'round midnite in the plaza, and have another well attended GA, though I know it will be difficult if not impossible for some at that hour. I just feel that it is appropriate to assert our rights as citizens, and I see no reason why it should be an issue, though it may be perceived as an affront to the local leaders, which is not our intention. I would love to see some of the commissioners and managers attend the meeting, in the spirit of encouraging citizen participation in local government, not to mention the positives that would come from leaders listening to the people.