General Assembly Minutes 2011-11-21

Facilitator: Arhen
Stack: Maury
Greeter: John
Vibes: Ilene and Zot
Note: Evie
Time: Julie
Binmaster: Alex
Dishmaster: Julie

Respect Check
Hat in the middle of the circle for donations
Agenda Check
Consensus Review

Chris and Ed are letting us borrow their electric wok, crock pot, popcorn machine, and george foreman grill

Secretarial needs volunteers to take minutes from this WED - SUNDAY if not - sorry there won't be any minutes

Other Occupy News:

Tiger Lilly went to Occupy Miami - it was awesome, lots of tents and a garden!

Occupy Berkley UC - police chief and two officers are on administrative leave

Occupy Gainesville News

The red hand print problem has been fixed

Thanks Willie for organizing our bins!!!

Red bin is now for recycling. Near the bathrooms there is a blue bin that you can put recycling in also
*Sometimes that blue bin doesn't get recycled aka if people put normal trash in there (maybe we can help keep it only recycling materials)
Alex volunteers himself to take care of the compost bucket

Breakout Groups: what do we do once it gets cold:

-pallets to get above the ground
-layering - jackets/gloves etc.
-hot beverages
-more people,so we can rotate
-occupy building (aka squatting - closed post office, rehab etc) (take back the land workshop)
-emergency reflective blankets from CMC
-cuddle puddles
-electric blankets
-barter days
-supplements for immune system
-dogs and other warm animals
-last resort - steel drum fires and ticket to jail
-go to thrift stores
-occupy cars
-holes in the ground
-take people home with us
-group energy work - to create heat in our minds
-barrier between you and ground as well as something to insulate your body heat (thermals, blankets etc.)
-sleeping in your undies in a sleeping bag keeps you warmer than in layers
-hot water bags
-hot water heater
-keep track of donations (what happened to all the scarfs, hats, gloves etc that was donated ------apparently francis has them)
-whiskey affinity group - Michelle
-propane heater
-big tent
-sit on cardboard
-tarps for rainy weather
-space heaters
-long johns
-heater socks
-soup at night
-midnight snacks
-foam pads

Thanksgiving planning
- someone is loaning us chairs
-we need more folding tables to be loaned!! Anyone?? - talk to Karin
-food list for the potluck is on the facebook event page
-Willie is requesting a portable smoker or grill so he can cook some real meat
-Michelle is bringing table clothes and two cassaroles
-Chris will make mashed potatoes and gravy (at Michelle and Arhens request and will be using Michelles stove)
-The thanksgiving start time is at 2pm

Black Friday
-Radical Caroling at the mall on Friday
-Lars wants approval of text for a flyer that the Carolers would distribute on Friday



Tailgating on Saturday
-It's Chris' understanding that during a football game, if you have it on you can have an open flame and tailgate and stuff
-This Saturday will be the last homegame - if were going to do it LETS DO IT

-Its the FSU UF game so it will be big!
-Dinner/tailgating at the plaza and then a march down university! Talk to Michelle for further planning

Open Floor
-skater demonstrators (Alex and Coral) will skating and holding signs and having handouts tomorrow - if you are interested contact one of them

-tomorrowat 2pm a funeral will be held for the constitution (a wreath has been made by Annette) (also Charlie will be here!)
-Zot wishes she were staying here overnight. She biked here from home (9 miles!!) and she feels her lungs are on the mend (and hopefully will be back out within a few days!)

-Tomorrow from 4-6 there will be picketing on the corner of 13th and University - LOTS of different signs will be provided!!

-Nick is available after GA to show people how to use energy work to keep warm!

-Michelle - we need a better human mic tonight! Thanks for thanking her last night. Send good thoughts to her dog - she may have an ear infection!

-We need dedacated greeters!!! It's so important!!! Where did our greeter go??? NOT OKAY

-In the late 1990's, early 2000's Argentinas economy collapsed and had a movement VERY similar to ours where they occupied their around 2003 the movement had died -- here is a link to information on that movement and it's weakness and some insight on why it failed --- super important!!

-Kerries art was stolen - the handprint. It was taken to create a facebook group page as well as a blog. The blog image was the red hand print with a plane going into it. Apparently some 9-11 truth folks used it to say negative things about Occupy Gainesville

-The weather tonight is beautiful sleeping weather!!

-rain is coming probably this week - maybe wed.

Working Group Reports

MEDIA (This is a brief overview - media will be emailing me the rest and I'll put it up asap!!)
-they had a meeting today with new members!! yay!!
-discussed roles in their group
-may be creating educational videos (consensus model, activism training etc)
-hopefully will be starting to do about 2 news reports a week
-GA commerical -- in future
-Working on a press release for Bo Diddley Barter Days!
-Dec 1 (thursday) is their next meeting
-Wanting to switch from livestream to Ustream
-any ideas for videos - come to their next meeting!

Bo Diddley Barter Days Affinity Group:
Proposed a flyer (will try to get a copy asap)

-tomorrow around 430 - 5 they are moving our deep freezer&skinny fridge to where Jen & Buck live and they need strong people to help move them!!!!

-meeting either WED at 6:30 (if there is no GA) or after GA (if there is a GA)
-on thursday radical caroling practice after the meal!!! to practice for Friday

-Meeting with the mayor tomorrow @330- anyone welcome to join (well dressed is better than not) contact Zot. They will be gathering at the end of the first amendment service

-We need more people out here during the day!!

-Food and Comfort please tell us if we will have lunch or not so people out at Bo Diddley during the day can be better prepared!

-Michelle: Thanks to our mini-GA. Arhen is a good facilitator!! Thanks to our little twinkley fingers!

-Awesome that our Working Group reports were over 20 minutes long!

-Awesome wreath that Annette made for the funeral tomorrow!


grumpy pelicanOctober 28,

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