General Assembly Minutes 2011-11-22

Facilitator: Karin

Stack Taker: Ricky

Time Keeper: Lars

Vibe Checker: Chris

Guide: Ahren

Note Taker: Jess

Dish Master: George

Bin Master: Littleman


· Roles, Respect Check, Donations, Agenda

· Welcome and Consensus Review

· Announcements

· Other Occupy News

· Occupy Gainesville News

· Break Out Groups

· Pause

· Upcoming Events

a. Thanksgiving

b. Black Friday

c. Tailgate Saturday

d. Barter Days

· Open Floor

· Working Group and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals

· Announcements and Appreciation

· Clean Up and Load Up


· Ed and Chris’ George Foreman grill was ruined last night on plaza, no longer available

· Occupy Gainesville is on the front page of the Alligator, article about pushing City Commission to push back the plaza hours

· Willy’s boots were returned, in bad condition

Other Occupy News

· Occupations being broken up with bullets in Syria and Egypt- we are blessed

· Visitors from Occupy Dallas appreciate our positivity

· Violence in Syria

· Worldwide evictions

· City trying to evict Occupy LA, offered occupants office space and farm land

· Occupy Dallas signed a contract with the city and was shut down quickly for breaking the contract. Ty advised occupations to “work around the system”

· President Assad in Syria will step down

Occupy Gainesville News

· We had bacon today!

· Chris is doing outreach at her job

· Thanksgiving potluck Thursday at 2pm on the plaza. There will be 3 tables (omnivore, vegetarian, and vegan). Disrespectful talk regarding meat eaters on the facebook event, all encouraged to promote better attitude on the page

Break Out Groups – volunteering and participation

· Brainstorming of a new kind of volunteering/donations/participation. Discussed ways we’ve volunteered in the past or do now and how we would like to involve people in Occupy Gainesville and how to make that connection.

· General view of volunteerism to volunteer once a year and “be done with it” – viewed as an obligation vs. doing your part in your community

· Getting pledges from people (i.e.- something on the plaza, shopping locally3 days a week, switching their money from big banks)

· Create a database with things needed to be done on the plaza and people willing to do them, a chart or list for facebook page

· Have things for people to do immediately when the ask – they are on plaza at that moment, not later

· Hunger strike – get people to sponsor us for each hour we go without food

· Dance-a-thon

· Concerts

· Fix a house, do lawn care, repairs for elderly/low-income families

· Creek clean ups

· Outreach sign – “Will work for a friend”

· Group trash clean up

· Flyering Wednesday s

· Socially responsible retirement and other donation/investment

· Art on dollar bills

· Free hugs

Upcoming Events

Thanksgiving Thursday

· Suggested we invite the police

· Frisbee, card games, etc in community garden

· All encouraged to bring board games, musical instruments, etc

· Non-competitive games

· Roles for event:

o Art Team: Tommy and Michelle

o Set Up Group: Karin, Ilene, Julie, Jen

o Clean Up Team: Kenzie, Tommy

o Game Master: Michelle

o Discussion team: Karin

o Carol Master: Karin

· Discussion on indigenous people

· All encouraged to bring your own dishes, silverware, dishes for leftovers, etc

Black Friday at the mall

· Flyers are ready

· Work on carols, cheers and signs on Thursday

· Line Newberry Road with signs

· Suggested we point out many products being purchased produced by companies that oppress workers severely

· Suggested give-a-way

· No Livestream, all encouraged to take pictures (send to Kerrie) and videos (send to Chris)

· Everyone interested meeting after GA to discuss time, costume ideas, etc

Tailgate Saturday

· On side of University, grill food, wear shirts talk to people

· Possible march

Barter Days

· Discussion tabled

Open Floor

· George is going to try to organize a viewing of the film Thrive not on plaza, but as a community event elsewhere

· Security and sleeper concerns – numbers of occupiers overnight are very low

· Visitors from Occupy Dallas and visitors travelling occupies on east coast shared experiences and appreciate/are impressed with Occupy Gainesville

· Tools at the Zen Center have been going missing lately, there is a tote with tools for the 99% breakfast, see Jen if interested in knowing where that is. Do not take tools that do not belong to us from the Zen center!

· Gainesville Interfaith Action Meeting with the Quakers on Monday at 10am to discuss social change asked for three representatives from Occupy Gainesville: Zot, Jen, and Lars

· Watchers Affinity Group being formed, see Spike if interested

Working and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals

Process – presented by Lars

· Proposal: 3 decision making GAs a week (Tuesday, Friday, Sunday) Assemblies will be held 7 days a week but those on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday will not have decision making power. This is to accommodate those who cannot be there every day but feel strongly about decisions. Process group will post relevant agenda items likely to be discussed online. Consensus reached

Food and Comfort – presented by Jen

· Freezer and fridge moved to separate houses. Flow established of cooking, fridge, and re-heating house

· Carol made amazing breakfast this morning

· Seeking donations of peanut butter

· Donations at Citizen’s Co Op always appreciated – this can also be used to tell people looking for ways to contribute to Occupy Gainesville

Secretarial – presented by Jess

· All members of working group will be out of town from Tuesday to Sunday, all future facilitators please be sure to ask for note takers while taking roles (Ilene, Zot, and Michelle volunteered to take notes)

· Can contact members of the group if any questions arise

City Commission – presented by Zot

· Met with Craig Lowe today, he is happy with us but not willing to give us the plaza, wants to work on a statement of support to support our goals and message but not necessarily our methods and means, wants to continue dialogue

· Next commission appointment is Monday at 3pm

· Major Lowe follows Occupy Gainesville on facebook (probably community page), feel free to use this as a way to reach him indirectly, also all email addresses of commissioners are online

Alachua County Labor Party – presented by Mark

· Health care speak out on plaza on Dec 3rd

· Proposed language on flyer regarding Occupy Gainesville: “Organized by Alachua County Labor Party in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Gainesville. To testify or for more information call (Alachua County Labor Party)” Consensus reached.

· Flyers will be brought to plaza tomorrow and sent to over 400 members and contacts of the Labor Party

Direct Action – presented by Michelle

· Proposal: Direct Action assembly be held tomorrow at 6:30 rather than a General Assembly. Consensus reached.

Media – presented by Chris

· Will be making at General Assembly commercial and News Report (someone acting as reporter will talk to participants weekly discussing why they are a part of the movement) to put online, looking for a cast. Logistics will be worked out at next meeting on December 1st at 5:30pm, please attend if you want to contribute

· Considering moving from Livestream to UStream

General Proposals

· None

Announcements and Appreciation

· Everyone is appreciated, we are family

· Occupy Dallas assemblies end in a giant group hug

· Ty will create a meditation group when he returns to Gainesville

· Michelle appreciates our grumpiness

· Direct Action Assembly tomorrow at 6:30