General Assembly Minutes 2011-11-26

Facilitator - Evie

Stack - Ian

Vibes - Kerrie

Guide/Greeter - Karin

Timekeeper – Chris

Note-taker - Maury


Ian discussed respect and what it means to us.

Consensus Review

Ian and Karin went over the consensus process and hand signals.




Zott – Community outreach meeting tomorrow at 4:30

Michelle – Monday there will be a D.A. assembly at 6:30

Chris – Thursday at 5:30 there will be a media team meeting

Michelle – Sunday the 4th is barter day

Spike – “We should have a pajama party where we all watch movies.”

Aaron – “Tate was drunk last night, I will talk to him when he is not drunk.”

Chris – Huffington Post report went well; we got many negative responses and some positive.

Other Occupy News

Garrett – discussed situation in Egypt

Ian – added that 30 Egyptians had been killed

Evie – attended occupy Atlanta: reported that while they do not maintain a 24 hour presence, they do have a really free market.

Occupy Tampa News

There were three members of occupy Tampa present, Derek, Skylar, and Caroline, with whom we had a question and answer session: It went like this…

Skylar – December 1st we will begin to occupy a park and we need support

Derek – Discussed direct actions that they had taken such as demonstrations in Walmart, Target, and malls. Also discussed possible future actions such as a people’s foreclosure on PAC/Super PAC house.

Ed – requested media team information

Aaron – asked if people were working with the city

*at this point the group agreed to add more time to this agenda item.

Skylar – We do have lawyers doing pro-bono work

Evie – “How often do you have G.A.’s? Problems? Successes?”

Derek – discussed working groups

Neal – “What is the greatest asset/difficulty in occupying a large city?”

Derek – Advantage: designated financial district to target. Disadvantage: Tampa is not a very politically active city.

Occupy Gainesville News

Chris – “I can’t stop twinkling at work.”

John – “I wear my occupy shirt everywhere and it is a good outreach method.”

Garrett – “Someone is pocketing our things.”

Chris – “Yes, a lady has been giving me problems for a while now.”

Alex – “Yeah, my hot sauce almost got taken!”

Open Discussion: What does Occupy mean to us?

We went around the circle and each person shared what occupy meant to them.

Fun Discussion

Reports from last 2 days

Thanksgiving went well

Caroling in the mall went great!

Westside Park flyering should bring some people to barter days.