General Assembly Minutes 2011-11-27

Roles, respect check, donations, agenda – 5 minutes

Welcome, consensus review – 5 minutes

Announcements – 5 minutes

Other Occupy news – 5 minutes

Occupy Gainesville news – 10 minutes

Open discussion – 15 minutes

Topic: creating more redundancy for security and tent logistics throughout the day

Recess – 5 minutes

Open floor – 15 minutes

Working group reports and proposals – 15 minutes

General proposals – 10 minutes (+10)

Announcements – 3 minutes

Clean up, load up


Facilitator – Ian

Stack taker – Kenzie

Vibe checker – Alex

Guide/greeter – Coral

Dish master – [I missed this one, if you know who was dish master tonight please let me know]

Bin master – Willie

Note taker – Walton

Time keeper – Lars

Alex provided our respect check, Michelle explained donations, Ian went over our agenda, Michelle made a welcome announcement, and Alex provided the consensus review


Ian plans to go to Orlando, with a few others (including Ahren), for the Florida Convention of Occupy Movements (Dec. 9, 10, 11). What message should OG bring to this? [See discussion in General Proposals]

Big Love and Ty will be joining us indefinitely

Ty is starting a night team

The team will decorate downtown Gainesville with enlightening art for people to wake up to in the morning

Please bring chalk

Members of OG are welcome to join, but the activity itself will not affiliate itself with OG

It’s just some folks out making street art

Other Occupy news

Tampa is taking their park on 1 Dec. They’ve invited everyone to join and help them.

Occupy Gainesville news

Ty: word on the street is that OG kicks ass

Michelle: yesterday was fun

Went to West Side Park

Played some basketball

Spun some kids on the merry-go-round

Played soccer on the plaza

Weekends are great—let’s plan some more stuff

Ilene: we need a better security system [see Open Discussion, below]

More people to watch the tent during the day

Take care of food that is going bad

Too many things are being left unattended

We need better organization to take care of our stuff

Maintain a presence on the plaza

Tommy, on last night

Some people drove by yelling for us to “get a job”

Suggested response: “I have an occupation”

A few people walking by also yelled the same

We later found out that they are bankers

No fights occurred

A small argument with a person with an open container

Michelle, and others, politely asked that they chug the drink and dispose of the container

A minor altercation that ultimately worked out well

Open discussion

Michelle: we need to minimize the amount of stuff we keep around; we don’t use most of it most of the time anyway

Tommy: we’re working with the Lunch Box for a space to store our stuff at night

We can make some carts to store and move it

Could also serve as tables

Maybe even have a little roof on them

Lars: The Lunch Box people are writing up an agreement for us, as proof that we’re allowed to keep our things there

Ty: we could use tents with locks and guards

Michelle will follow up with the Lunch Box

They will also provide us with a blueprint of their grounds, so we know what’s fair game

The logistics working group needs revitalization

And that revitalization will happen at 8:00, or whatever time GA ends, tomorrow (28 Nov.)

Inventory our items

Decide what to do with it

Research feasibility, possibility of tents, carts, etc.

Tommy: create a sign-up sheet so people can commit to watching the tents at certain times

Maybe take down the tents, pack things up when no one can be here

Ilene: we should keep some t-shirts here during the day

Michelle: sign-ups & shirts go hand in hand—someone has to be here to keep an eye on things


Open floor

The next few nights will be cold, and occasionally rainy—prepare accordingly

Ty and Big Love have a few extra blankets if you need one

We may have to take down our tents tomorrow

Tomorrow, logistics will look through all of our stuff and inventory it

What isn’t immediately needed can be stored in Michelle’s shed

The more casual GAs are refreshing

Karin and Michelle are going out dancing on Wednesday night; everyone’s welcome to come along

Occupy the dance floor!

Lars has been following the Florida Convention

Activists in Orlando are organizing it as a statewide Occupy conference

The goal is to develop a working list of demands

The plan is to present this on 10 Dec, the first day of the Florida legislative assembly

Lars has some reservations about the organizing principles

Occupiers and the public are both welcome

But the only communication seems to be with Occupies

Not necessarily representative of local communities

The goal of Occupy is to make the ideas and process available to the community

Reach out to foster direct democracy and participation

The state legislators don’t care about us; where does that leave us on the 11th?

But the communication amongst Occupies is good

It can help us develop long-term vision, both locally and state-wide

Lars is going to promote cooperation and coordination

Talk to him, Ahren, and/or Ian if you have any ideas

Ty and Big Love can store some things for us

Ty sees intentional communities as the end result of Occupy

Interested in creating a system to go to these communities, help them develop

Preparation for our future

Working group reports and proposals

Community Outreach – Tommy

Met today, talked about canvassing

Every day this week, participants will go out and canvas a neighborhood

Will help to get a feel for different neighborhoods

If anyone is interested, please sign up

They’ll be flyering for events next week

And they’re working on pledge forms

Central Florida Office Supply can make us some business cards

500 for $28

Easier to carry than flyers

More info tomorrow

Flyers are available online if you want to print some

Direct Action- Ian

DA will meet for an assembly tomorrow at 6:30

Internet – Karrie

On Facebook, YouTube, our site—please leave comments and engage in conversations and educate!

The new site may be done this week

We’re really close! Just some archiving left to do

If you try to visit the site and it isn’t there, give it some time

If it’s gone for more than a day, please email the internet team

Veterans for Peace has approached us for a full page, black and white ad in their journal

General proposals

[Karin served as facilitator so Ian could make a proposal; 10 additional minutes were added for discussion]

Ian seeks support for him signing OG up for the FL convention in Orlando, and use the ensuing time to develop a message and plan

Concerns arose that the convention is being treated (by its organizers) as a representative democracy instead of a horizontal democracy (ie, people will be representing their movements rather than participating in a larger movement). Much discussion was had (too much to transcribe coherently here; if you’re interested in the proceedings, please see me [Walton] for the full scoop).

No consensus was reached; Ian withdrew his proposal in light of the emerging concerns. More research will be done, inquiries will be made, and discussion will resume in the near future.

Announcements & Appreciation

On 1 December, Karin will attend the demonstration at the post office to protest the shutting-down of our local distribution center. (If this occurs, all of our mail will be sorted in Jacksonville, slowing down the delivery time.) She will also canvas neighborhoods and head towards Santa Fe. Feel free to join her!

Tommy suggested a GA devoted to canvassing, maybe sometime this week

Michelle appreciates all y’all

Tommy appreciates our new brothers, Ty and Big Love

Ty: everyone here is the most beautiful, amazing, kick-ass, revolutionary, evolutionary group that he’s ever seen, loved, heard, smelled, and perceived with all the other senses; y’all absolutely kick ass non-stop, unless you have to use the restroom or something, and then continue to rock