General Assembly Minutes 2011-11-29

Facilitator: Spike

Stack Taker: Ilene

Timekeeper: Ahren

Vibe Checkers: Alex and Ty

Greeter: Karin

Note Taker: Jess

Dish Master: Alex

Bin Master: Damia


1. Roles, Respect, Donations, Agenda

2. Welcome and Consensus Review

3. Announcements

4. Other Occupy News

5. Occupy Gainesville News

6. Deep Breathe – how can “I” become “we”

7. Open Discussion – People’s Convention

8. (Do or Don’t) Smoke ‘Em If You got ‘Em

9. Open Floor

10. Working Group and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals

11. General Proposals

12. Announcements and Appreciation

13. Clean Up


· Jen stopped at Weiss’ today and they gave permission for their name to be used in an action supporting local pharmacies. Would like a flyer for action by Saturday, see Jen if interested

· Farm to Family music festival likely to allow our presence at their festival Dec 8-11,attendance is usually around 2,000 people

· Flash mob meditation today, lots of car honks and smiles

· Drums and guitar in plaza today drew in a lot of attention

· Alex started laughing affinity group

· Scott Camille would like us to table at his solstice event on Dec 17 at the Unitarian Fellowship on 34th street, it is a Vets for Peace event

· Suggested pro-small business march where demonstrators stand outside of small businesses and encourage people to support them, or a “cash mob” where lots of people buy things they need on the same day from small businesses

· Food and Comfort needs volunteers for Thursday breakfast, see Ilene, Jen, or use the Facebook group

Other Occupy News

· Occupy LA raided a few nights ago, a few dozen arrested. The city issued an eviction notice. The occupation is suing the city and the police, the eviction will not be enacted

· Police officers at Occupy Paris raided the camp, destroyed a structure built by the occupiers and aimed flashlights at cameras recording to block them

Occupy Gainesville News

· George was been flyering at UF and convincing people to attend the Health Care Speak Out and Barter Days

· Ty has been encouraging artist participation in Barter Days by Maude’s

· Last night Tommy, Coral, and George went canvassing out on Hawthorne

· Monday morning Zot, Lars, Julie, and Jen attended a Quaker meeting held by community organizers from Pico looking to reactivate the Gainesville Action Network; next meeting is planned in January. A Faith and Spirituality working group from Occupy Gainesville could be involved in this, see Ty if interested

Open Discussion – the People’s Convention

· Concerns raised about a hastily organized meeting and movement in a direction of legislation

· It is an opportunity to make connections, gather information, and express our concerns

· Members of the public as well as occupies will contribute to a list of demands, that will be decided on by the occupations only. This list will be presented to Florida legislation, there has been little to no talk on what will happen they are presented on January 11th

· Their process seems to be more of a modified voting process vs. consensus, looking for a super majority

· Concerns that the line drawn between the public and the occupation as well as the request for delegates are not horizontal

· Concerns raised on the process of this meeting being contrary to what Occupy is about

· It may be important we are there to know what they are decided and have the ability to vote and/or block

· It is an opportunity to show solidarity on a bigger scale

· Suggested the “delegates” sent from Occupy Gainesville speak only as representatives of Occupy Gainesville in expressing concerns about the process, in any other discussions they speak as an individual and vote as individuals or possibly not vote at all

· Suggested formation of a People’s Convention affinity group

· The “delegates” are to be people we trust to stay within the agreed upon process

· Media would be there so those not there can voice concerns in the chat

· The GA on December 3rd would be a good place to decide on “delegates” and discuss this in more detail

· Consensus was reached to send a group of “delegates”

Open Floor

· Concerns raised with thieves and the residents on the plaza

· Shed was cleaned and looks awesome

· Mercury is in retrograde as of October 23rd and goes direct on December 13th – this effects communication, causes feelings of disconnectedness and is a bad time for major decisions or signing contracts

· The woman who has been stealing is barred from coming near our stuff

· Watchers are needed tonight

· Ideas: art show with art related to the movement, fundraiser, concert, raise awareness – start making art!

· Tommy and George are going to help Occupy Tampa take their plaza on the 1st

Working and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals

Direct Action – presented by Michelle

· Proposal: December 10th be a day of action – possible picketing in front of CVS, Walgreens, etc and redirect people to local pharmacies. Direct Action will meet tomorrow to discuss details and needs from working groups and report back to GA. Working groups encouraged to think of how they would like to help and attend the meeting. Consensus reached.

· Meeting tomorrow at 5pm on the plaza

Media – presented by Chris

· Meeting Thursday at 5:30 on plaza to discussion commercials and news reports to be made and put on Livestream, attend if you would like to be involved. There are no logistics at this time and all content will be brought to the GA for consensus.

· Proposal: Flyer for Barter Day be sent as press release as press release has not been created. Consensus reached.

Internet – presented by Karrie

· New website still broken, meeting Thursday to discuss this

· A local physician has offered to pay for a full page ad in the Vets for Peace solstice booklet. Karrie will design it and is seeking ideas. Will be completed in a week and a half, contact her on Facebook with ideas, drafts will be posted on Facebook

· Karrie has designed a poster, which is on the group page. All encouraged to look and give feedback, would like to add it to a website that showcases posters by other occupations

· Comment on the website, Facebook, YouTube, and Sun articles!

Canvassing Affinity Group – presented by Tommy

· Have been canvassing for the past 2 days, got lots of signatures and had fun

· Kenzie, Michelle, and Tommy went to Southeast side of town today

· If interested in joining see Tommy or go canvassing on your own

Watchers – presented by Ahren

· Last night was fun! To see how fun a shift can be, do it yourself and find out!

General Proposals

· December 3rd be a Liaison Assembly, dedicated to discussing ideas that have worked with other occupations, liaisons, and ways to improve our communication and coordination with other occupations. Will be a good opportunity to discuss the People’s Convention. Consensus reached.

· The creation of two new working groups: Strategy and Long Term Planning and Faith and Spirituality. Consensus reached.

Appreciation and Announcements

· Lars appreciates Michelle for her generosity with her house, kitchen, and shed

· Direct Action meeting tomorrow at 5pm to discuss December 10th

· Tommy appreciates Damia for being awesome and sweet , giving the best hugs, and being a Watcher so frequently

· Tentative Rockuppy Gainesville event December 16th at the CMC. Musicians will be Lars, Dirty Fist!, and In Solidarity. Proceeds split between Occupy Gainesville and the CMC. Will also be a birthday party for all the Sagittariuses

· Dirty Fist! Is playing a house show tonight

· Lars holding an Affinity Group Training on Wednesday or Thursday, see Lars with preference for day before he proposes it at the next decision making GA

· Suggested you pick up 5 pieces of trash before leaving plaza

· Karin appreciates everyone organizing and cleaning the shed and Willy for working so hard tonight, and everyone for trying to get along during this strange energy
Ahren appreciates tonight’s