General Assembly Minutes 2011-11-30

Roles, respect check, donations, agenda – 5 minutes

Welcome, consensus review – 5 minutes

Announcements – 5 minutes

Other Occupy news – 5 minutes

Occupy Gainesville news – 5 minutes

Deep breath – 1 minute

Open discussion: Day 50; strategizing – 5 minutes (+10)

Total ellipses of the heart break – 5 minutes

Open floor – 10 minutes

Group reports, proposals – 10 minutes

General proposals – 10 minutes

Announcements, appreciation – 5 minutes

Clean up


Facilitator – John, Annette

Stack keeper – Ahren, Emerson

Vibe checker – Annette

Greeter/guide – Ilene

Time keeper – Gary


Maya – shirt printing

Printer is already selling 99% shirts

Unlikely to cut us a deal

Musicians for Rockupy

Busy for holidays – away, booked

Will check back after new year

Karin will be canvassing and attending the Post Office meeting at Santa Fe tomorrow

Josh is hosting an activist panel in his Social Problems class tomorrow, from 4-5 PM in Norman Hall

Other Occupy news

Occupy LA was cleared at 2 AM this morning

Previous eviction was circumvented with mass support and reinforcement

This time, 1400 police officers surrounded the occupiers

200 arrests were made, one at a time

The only incident of violence is when tree-house dwellers were shot down with bean bags

Occupy Gainesville news

Let’s have a big sleepover on Saturday!

Also on Saturday is the Healthcare Speak Out—flyers are on the table

Sunday is our first Barter Day

There will also be an all-day potluck

“It’s gonna be the jam!” – Michelle

Arts & Culture will meet on Sunday at 1:00, and the meeting will be followed by radical cheerleading practice

Food & Comfort will meet Sunday at 4:00

Actions are being planned for Saturday, the 10th

Open discussion

Topic: What are you excited about having accomplished? What are you excited about accomplishing in the future?

All you wonderful folks shared all your thoughts and feelings, and it was awesome—but sadly, meeting minutes just can’t capture that kind of magic. Here are some of the highlights:

Making specific as well as more general plans and goals, both short and long term

Continue our outreach and education efforts

Working toward the occupation of our space, but remembering that’s a means, not an end in itself

John suggested two strategic points regarding our financial system

Draw attention to banks, encourage everyone to move accounts to local credit unions

Go after the multinational corporations, with actions like 10 Dec’s pharmacy protests

Open floor

Ed: impressed with John keeping an open mind and accepting new ideas; very commendable

Maya feels strongly about everyone in OG and everythine we’re doing; even though she isn’t here in-person, she’s with us and is doing her part too

Karin: all contributions, whether on the plaza or elsewhere, are equally important and appreciated

Chris: can’t stay away, even when sick; loves everyone, and will always be here

Michelle came out to OG because reading about all the terrible things in the world made her sad; but now she’s happy, doin’ stuff and making a difference. Be happy and remember that frustration will pass.

Ilene: happy to be here and meet everyone

Was feeling frustrated with the system and her situation in it

Found a community and a way to make a meaningful difference

Glad to have opened up and overcome bigotries

George: felt estranged from a world where people weren’t claiming their birthright and instead allowed political leaders to set up their “chess board for World War III”

But feels truly that we are going to come out on top and make an important difference

Ed: noticed a huge, worldwide change thanks to Occupy and the simple occupation of space—“it’s working”

We concluded Open Floor with a big group hug

Group reports, proposals

Direct Action – Michelle

Met this afternoon

Working on Dec. 10 action

Partial flyer was passed around for perusal

Action will be proposed on Friday, including requests for other working groups

Intend to picket at the CVS and Walgreens on 13th & 16th

Sidewalk chalk campaign also planned

Signs will be made on Sunday afternoon, at the Arts & Culture meeting

Radical cheerleaders are also working on a specific cheer for this event

Reminder: two new working groups were formed last night—the Strategy & Long-Term Planning Working Group, and the Faith & Spirituality Working Group

Media- Chris

Meeting tomorrow at 5:30 on the plaza

Discussing logistics of our commercials, news reports

Please come—the team needs your ideas & help

First commercial, news report will be presented to the GA on Friday

The team is also working out the kinks in switching from Livestream to Ustream

Hopefully have it done to coincide with the new website launch

Announcements & Appreciation

10 Dec, after the action: Winter Gift Fair, put on by Blue Oven Kitchen

Local winter gift shopping experience at the Sun Center, 3 – 7 PM

Local vendors and food

Last night, Karin, Julie, and Kenzie were at a house party

They mic checked: “Fuck apathy!”

Outreach is still canvassing—be at the plaza around 5ish (or whenever you can get there) to get your flyers & clipboards & pads of paper

Saturday: Healthcare Speak Out, 1 PM

Sunday: Barter Day!

Also Sunday: 1 PM, Arts & Culture, radical cheerleading, signmaking

4 PM: Food and Comfort meeting

And potluck—bring some food!

Farm & Family Music Festival – 9 Dec.

If you have your Occupy Gainesville shirt in, you can probably get in cheap or free

Off SR-340; directions & details will be posted on Facebook

Many vendors at the Farmer’s Market seem interested in the Sunday Barter Day

“Thrive” – 2 hours, free on YouTube—watch it

Tonight’s forecast: 32 degrees

There are handwarmers in the first aid box

Please solicit donations for cold-weather items

Hats, blankets, gloves, socks, thermals, etc.

We may be able to find some things in the clothing dumpster behind the Salvation Army, up on 23rd

Michelle is the Whiskey affinity group—it keeps you warm


at the various camps I&#8217

at the various camps I’ve participated in Europe there are organized rosters of separate media and police liason teamsthey wear special colored jackets and are designated to interface with media and policethe police liason team is usually legal experts or experienced activiststhe media liason team is usually media savvy activists or independent journalists themselvesyes, the MSM are cultural vulturesyes, the police are violentthat’s the system we have, sadlyits possible to be organized without being hierarchical

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