General Assembly Minutes 2011-12-01

Facilitator: Chris

Stack Taker: Walton

Time Keeper: Everyone!

Vibe Checker: Ty

Greeter: Coral

Note Taker: Jess


1. Roles, Respect Check, Donations, Agenda

2. Welcome and Consensus Review (Consensus Review was passed over because the GA was very small and comprised of people comfortable with the process)

3. Announcements

4. Other Occupy News

5. Occupy Gainesville News

6. 5 Minute Cuddle Break

7. Open Floor

8. Working Group and Affinity Group Reports

9. Announcements and Appreciation

10. Clean Up


· Jen read the astrology repot for the last few weeks and sees why we are struggling in the ways we are. Lots of meditation and reflection encouraged

Other Occupy News

· Today members of Occupy Gainesville headed to Tampa to help them reclaim their camp

· Occupy LA was given office space and land to occupy

· Occupy Dallas was raided a few weeks ago and is going to reestablish camp soon

· Occupy Philadelphia evicted, still announcing themselves as victory because you cannot evict an idea

Occupy Gainesville News

· Canvassing today and Post Office meeting at Sante Fe

· Sunday is our first Barter Day

· Alachua County Labor Party Health Care Speak Out on Saturday

· Upcoming meetings: Food and Comfort Sunday at 4pm on the plaza, Arts and Culture Sunday at 1pm on the plaza, Media Monday at 5pm at Maude’s, Process on plaza before every decision making GA (Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday)

· Flyer in the works to encouraged prescription transfers to Weiss’, will ask for approval at GA tomorrow, Ty spoke with pharmacy manager about coupon idea, will have an answer on the 9th

Open Floor

· “You all kick ass for being out here, you are all so beautiful, thank you for being a part of Occupy” – Ty

Working and Affinity Group Reports

Media – presented by Chris

· Commercials will now be called video flyers and will be used as flyers for YouTube and LiveStream. The first will be for Barter Days, will have video from event on Sunday, flyers, and a voiceover, and will ask for approval at GA tomorrow. Future video flyers include the farmer’s market and for GA. Will also create video flyers for all direct actions, starting with the 10th

· New Reports put on the backburner, hope to make some for GA, Occupy worldwide, and the stories of individuals

· 3-4 minute videos also in the works. The first will be about process to make newcomers more comfortable with the process (will go over hand signals, have footage from GAs, etc). The next video will be educational (pushing for one on switching to Credit Unions), and also video on each role in the process

· Next meeting is at Maude’s on Monday at 5pm, will be editing the Barter Day video flyer, all encouraged to attend

· Everything else going well in media, aside from loss of power and tent

Announcements and Appreciation

· Poster boards with art on them were dumpstered, would make great use for signs, be creative and let people see why we are here!

· Michelle has an outline on more effective door-to-door canvassing and general petition

· Walton and Chris appreciate everyone for coming out tonight