General Assembly Minutes 2011-12-03


Facilitator – Alex

Stack taker – Spike

Vibe checker – Jen

Guide/greeter – Ilene, Ty

Dish master – Tyler

Note taker – Walton

Time keeper – Lars


Roles, respect check, donations, agenda approval – 5 minutes

Consensus review – 5 minutes

Announcements, welcome – 5 minutes

Open discussion: this GA – 15 minutes (+2)

Deep breath – 1 minute

Updates, reports, Occupy news – 5 minutes

Brainstorm communication and OG improvement – 10 minutes (+2)

Open discussion – 20 minutes

Atomic boogaloo – 5 minutes

Participants’ choice – 15 minutes (+2)

Announcements – 5 minutes (+5)

Clean up

Announcements, welcome

Media team will meet Monday, 5PM, at Maude’s, to discuss the Barter Day video flyer, and other video projects.

Arts & Culture team will meet tomorrow at 1PM at Bo Diddley Plaza

Food & Comfort will meet tomorrow at 4PM at Bo Diddley Plaza

They will tour the facilities upon which we rely; don’t be late

Faith & Spirituality has a Facebook group; join up to discuss the first meeting time

Community Outreach will meet tomorrow at 4:30 PM at Bo Diddley Plaza

Monday’s GA will be devoted to being kickass canvassers

The new website is up!

It may be sluggish for a few days; the DSN is still propagating

You can register with a name/alias/handle and an email address, and you’ll be able to post in the forums

Hopefully, our discussions will move from Facebook to these forums

Occupiers are overworked, underpaid, and very tired

Being a revolutionary is probably the hardest job in the world

Please support!

Open discussion

Topics: what are other GAs doing in other Occupies?

how can we improve communication with other Occupies?

how can we improve OG?

Subtopic: the people’s convention

Occupy Dallas, and others, use a “table” gesture

Indicates fatigue on a particular topic

Prevents people from walking out on a GA

Community service—let’s do it

Appoint specific individuals as contact points with other groups

As the Quakers do

Devote some time at non-decision making GAs to educating ourselves on other GAs

Use a projector and Livestream to communicate with other Occupies

Connect with other Occupies to discuss topics, questions, share info and resources

Devote specific GAs to the conference call

Ty can hook us up with Occupy Dallas

The media team’s video projects are devoted to education

Process video

Transferring money from banks to credit unions

Videos devoted to each role

The media team has also been in contact with OWS

They particularly like our organization

Devote time at GAs to education sections

Mini teach-ins

A few times a week

Updates, reports, Occupy news

Occupy Tampa – Tommy is out of jail

There’s a great video online with him

Occupy LA – many occupiers are still in jail

Some have been released on bail and recognizance

Many got bails set at $5,000 – $10,000

The police were particularly sadistic

Took measures against cameras

Kept arrestees on a bus for seven hours

During which time the police took an extended Starbucks break

Someone was severely injured by rubber bullets

Bleeding profusely, but denied medical attention

The lesson of Black Friday: in America, you can’t camp for a cause, but you can camp for capitalism

Suggestion: sit-in at jail and courthouse

Express solidarity with Occupy LA


Send a video

Camp until everyone is released

Today’s healthcare speak out

Lots of people were introduced to OG

Great conversation

About 60 flyers were distributed

Today, a bunch of stuff was left to sit on the mulch

Please take care of your stuff in the morning, and throughout the day

Keep things organized and tidy

Please be welcoming, polite, open, friendly (pick your own adjective) to visitors and newcomers

Notice new faces; make yourself approachable, and approach them



Smile, say hello, ask how they are

Be more open to new faces, and to other residents

Get to know each other

Help everyone be a part of OG

Next weekend, or the weekend after, we’ll have some visitors from Occupy Ocala

They want to help us out during the day, and with actions, and sleep and watch at night

Participating in the CVS/Walgreens action was suggested

Regarding the CVS/Walgreens action

Please respect the organization

If you have other ideas, talk to the people working on the action

Improving interaction with the public

Address ourselves to them

Encourage our denizens to be more open

The folks at the tent are exhausted

It would be great to get some fresh faces

Volunteer at the library table

Help keep things tidy, and greet the public

The sleepers also wouldn’t mind a warm place to sleep and a shower

If you can provide these, it would be much appreciated

And would help everyone be more refreshed and open

Occupy Ocala will try to bring some foam and air mattresses

Open discussion

Occupy Dallas has resumed its Occupy the Highway initiative

Ty will try to get them to stop here

Hopefully organize some radical crazy stuff with them

Nonviolent civil disobedience

Won’t be branded OG

Geoff is home, but has a slight fever

Get working groups into contact with each other and focusing on a particular theme

Maybe develop ideas at a non-decision making GA

Bring initiatives, ideas to GA, use the open floor and other sections to start a discussion

Walton is going to start compiling a list of corrupt politicians

Maybe work up a flyer to distribute as elections get closer

Suggestion: devote a GA to media projects, help with these videos

Take our radical caroling to neighborhoods; target those annoying inflatable light-up decorations

OWS, LA, Dallas all doubled their numbers after their first radical civil disobedience; we may want to do the same to gather more participants

Extreme caroling videos online – more comedic, less poignant; maybe an example to follow

Use community activities to make ourselves more visible again

Participants’ choice

[In the first minute, participants decide on a topic to spend the remainder of the time discussing]

Topic: education, and educational videos

Make a video based on all the healthcare info gathered today

Make a video about the protect IP act

Bill in Congress, supported by both sides

One independent is filibustering

Has vowed to continue until he dies on the stand

If passed, sharing any copyrighted material (without express written consent) will be a felony

Specifically targeting Occupy and our process of distributing videos online

Make a video addressing the Military Defense Authorization Act (S1867)

Suspension of habeas corpus

Anyone deemed a “terrorist” will be brought before a military tribunal, not a jury of their peers

Make a video about the Biomass plant

If you have an idea, take the personal initiative to implement it

PSA at the end of our videos, regarding the IP act

“If Congress gets its way, you won’t be able to share this video”

Email the media team with accurate information on these video topics


Look within yourself, and find what Occupy means to you; to what lengths are you willing to go to defend our ideals?

America is suffering under a corrupt government, and corporate efforts to secure their manipulation

Except for us, they’ve basically won

We need size and integration, and to ready ourselves for the long-term

Their strategy is to distract us

Their violence won’t succeed in an age of instant communication

A representative in Florida is pushing the Occupy Act

Would restrict the amount of monetary donations politicians can accept from corporations

Sleepers will have hot biscuits tomorrow morning at 9AM

[Good night, and have a pleasant tomorrow]