General Assembly Minutes 2011-12-04

Gainesville General Assembly meeting minutes, 4 December – Decision-Making GA


Facilitator – Denise
Time keeper – Zot (via Lars’s phone)
Vibe checker –
Bin master – Zot
Dish master – Skunk
Greeter/guide – Lars
Note taker – Walton


Roles, respect check, donations, approve agenda – 5 minutes
Dish wagon workshop – 5 minutes
Welcome, consensus review – 5 minutes
Announcements – 5 minutes
Occupy news, far and wide – 5 minutes (+10)
Occupy news, near and dear – 10 minutes
Deep breath – 1 minute
Group discussion: self education – 15 minutes
Oompa Loompa break – 5 minutes
Open floor – 10 minutes
Working and affinity group reports and proposals – 10 minutes (+5)
General proposals – 10 minutes (+5)
Announcements – 5 minutes
Clean up
Total time: 121 minutes

Dish wagon workshop

The dish master ensures that occupiers properly clean their dishes after dinner. S/he is NOT responsible for personally washing the dishes. The dish master need only bring the cart to the plaza from the Zen Center, return it in the evening after GA, and making sure that dishes are washed in the interim.

We have four tubs on the wagon:
soaking (soap and water)
soaping(soap and water)
rinsing (clean water)
sanitizing (bleach, about a cap-full, and water)
Please dispose the bleach in a sink or toilet in either the BDP bathrooms, or at the Zen Center
PLEASE DO NOT pour it onto the ground or into the drain on the sidewalk

The tubs can be filled from a spigot on the northeast corner of the plaza
We have a white hose so you don’t have to hold the bucket up to the spigot
But please remember to pack the hose back into the cart when you’ve finished
We also keep a pair of pliers on the cart to help turn the spigot on and off
Please remember to pack these into the cart as well

Our compost bucket also lives on the dish cart
It can be emptied at two locations
The downtown farmer’s garden
At the Zen Center
Please, no animal products
After the bucket is emptied, please clean it and store it upside down in the cart

There is a map attached to the side of the cart
This shows the most rampalicious path to and from the Zen Center
There is a more direct route, but it involves going over curbs, and the cart is quite heavy

Welcome & consensus review
Delivered by Lars and Karrie


There was a ruckus at the corner of 1st and University at the start of GA
Pedestrian was hit by a truck while crossing the street
He seemed ok; aid was called, and a whole cavalcade of EMS vehicles arrived shortly

Friday, 16 Dec – Pizza Potluck for GA

Lars has posted a draft of an amendment/addition to our group agreements
It concerns intoxication to the point that it triggers others and/or makes anyone feel unsafe
It is available for on the Facebook group page, and in the OG forums, under general discussion

Radical caroling practice will take place after Tuesday’s GA

Weds, 1:00 PM –3 organizations with experience fighting corporate personhood and asking for the repeal of the Citizens United deicision will have representatives and a speaker at the Civic Media Center. One of them, David Cobb, will come to the plaza at noon for a special event with OG. This will be a general discussion, less formal than the CMC presentation; the latter is intended to foster a new community organization.

Occupy news, far & wide

John Burgess brings greetings from Occupy Atlanta
Different GA structure
No written agenda
Intermittent human mic
Vibes seemed to dip when it wasn’t used
They also have inside shelter, a floor of a city-controlled building, with permission
150 arrests from sleeping a park
30 lawyers from NLG working with them
Working on actions to disrupt foreclosures
Planning actions against Martin Marietta
One of the largest weapons producers in the world
Based in Atlanta
There are about 360,000 homeless in Atlanta
OA has enough food, but not enough beds for everyone
They are more diverse than we currently are

The Massachusetts Attorney General is filing a lawsuit against the banks and corporations responsible for the foreclosure epidemic and the economic collapse

Denise visited Occupy San Francisco and Occupy Oakland last week
Denise was there the day after they were kicked out of a vacant lot
GA was very focused on understanding that action
No community outreach to neighbors
Owner revoked permission after police intimidation
Initial occupiers were from that neighborhood (mostly African American)
Other occupiers looked like a bunch of white kids sleeping on a lot
Some racial tension
GA was considering a proposal to switch to a progressive stack
Certain ethnicities and demographics would get speaking preference over others
Rejected by a large majority
Their GA is in a huge plaza with a sound system
They have a facilitator, but no agenda
Speakers must go to the stage to speak
A time-consuming setup
Confrontation with police – yelling, name-calling, support from non-yellers
Huge labor union involvement
Planning a shut-down of West coast ports, in tandem with other occupies
San Francisco
Offered space by the city, at a closed-down school
Debate on whether the group should stay in their public space
Rumors of eviction
Health, safety, sanitation concerns
Strangely, the city doesn’t seem to care about these issues in non-occupied spaces
Like OG, but larger, and without our rockin’ process
They have co-facilitators and a stack taker
But no time keeper or time limits (nor did Oakland), no vibe-checker
Discussions were mostly respectful
Some concerns about drugs & drink in their space
Legal pot smoking
No ideas for fixing other, more problematic substance use

Occupy Denton, TX – an occupier passed away in his tent
Possible overdose; the individual had substance abuse problems, and joined OD as self-help
A great contributor, and a sad loss

B-Love’s report from Occupy Tampa
During the GA, the occupiers split into 3 marching groups
Each took a different path through the city, marching and chanting
Rejoined at a new park, with intent to occupy
GA concluded in an amphitheatre
Marched as a group to the top of a hill, and celebrated
Within an hour, 20 police cars arrived and surrounded the hill
They told everyone to leave, threatened arrest
Legal observers – people with cameras
Unfortunately, these were all non-arrestables (ie, people who could not afford to be arrested)
All of them vacated; the event went unrecorded
Mainstream media was assaulted, run off, and corralled
Total disregard for press passes, freedom of press
40 people were arrested
Then they went after people on the sidewalk (not within the arrestable zone)
3 were arrested—also unarrestables, who probably now have felony charges
Daily struggle for a place to meet
Seems to be a mutual problem for many Florida occupies
Daily conflict with the police, whether they’re performing civil disobedience or not
Police single out occupiers, arrest individuals while everyone else is asleep
OT is also at odds with a bike gang of 12-year-olds
OG’s great strength is our rapport with our community
Show support for these other occupies going through hell

Occupy news, near & dear

Today’s Barter Day was pretty cool
It’s happening again next Sunday
Bring some stuff, give some stuff, get some stuff

The new website is up
You can sign up with a valid email address and a name/alias/handle
This will allow you to participate in the forums
A great alternative to the open Facebook page

Ty will hold meditation sessions twice a day
Around 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM
Faith and Spirituality will sponsor and foster

Occupy hot tubs had its first meeting
Planning education workshops for the month of January
Recruit the brains from the college, foster more involvement
Also planning an art show for February
Let your artist friends know

Open discussion – self education

John B - There is no other kind of education; all education is self-education
Figure out what you’re curious about
Then find out about it – use the internet, books, meditation, conversation, and any other avenue you can conceive

At Jen’s son’s preschool
The teacher lights a candle, and all the children fall silent
They ask the fire fairies to come as each child is given a paintbrush and a soaking-wet sheet of paper
Each child, depending on age, is given one, two, or three pots of paint
One or more of the primary colors
Younger children get one color and a jar of water, to explore the motion of a single color across the paper; does not allow for form, only movement and color
Older children get a second color, and allowed to discover that mixing colors produces new colors
A radically different style of education, but one to aspire to

Spike - Self-education is not necessarily a solo process—engage in dialogue, create new knowledge

Zot - Education is not like the chili we have for dinner—one person does not ladle out information and distribute it to others

Kenzie - Hoarding knowledge as a commodity is a ridiculous proposition—share what you know, and let others share with you
Choose a topic you know about and share with whoever wants to talk about it
Maybe start a list of specialties and inquiries – maybe start some workshops and group discussions

Ty - Don’t just focus on education through information
Remember to look for wisdom and beauty in everyday life
Absorb everything; it all teaches us what it is to be human

Walton - Use your imagination, make your own knowledge

George – A lot of native Americans don’t have a written language
Truth sticks to the heart
The earth is a library; each part is a book
“Inquire within”; “know thyself, and you shall know God”

B-Love – request for sources with info about Occupy; speaking at USF next week
Please share any good resources with him

Zot – self education is also about unlearning
Much of what we have been taught is wrong
Decolonize your mind!

Education & Empowerment – an unlearning working group
Let’s occupy E&E, and open a forum for discussion and learning

Open floor

George’s report from Occupy Tampa
The police targeted cameras first
Tommy was choked, thrown to the grown, and nearly had his jaw broken
George went limp when arrested
The arresting officer threatened him not only with violence, but that he would be charged with violently resisting arrest
It was the most fun he’s ever had in jail
OT raised $1900 for bail the next day

Ken and Molly sat in at the Food & Comfort meeting
Like the idea of a group coming together, introducing selves, and offering their help

Lars was invited to join a Facebook admin group for the country
A bunch of random threads about random stuff
He asked about the group’s purpose, and was directed to the group description
It was full of military and corporate sounding jargon like “intelligence sharing” and “application deployment”
They were totally unaware of what consensus meant
Emphasizes the importance of finding common ground and discussing what we’re all about
Clearly, our process kicks ass
Encourages total participation
Helps us learn to be passive sometimes, too

Julie encourages working groups using the process to be welcoming and understanding to newcomers who aren’t familiar with consensus
She also has heard some negative talk regarding the homeless community
They are the bottom of the 99%
Please be open and accepting

We still have an open offer from Zot’s boss, if we have sufficient security, for a fun surprise
Let’s fill those shifts and work hard to prevent theft!

Walton thinks that the National Defense Authorization Act sucks, and he hates it

Jen is going to be spending some time walking the prairie; talk to her if you’re interested in tagging along

Everyone rocks and Karrie loves us

After Spike went to Burning Man in ’10, she’s dreamt every night about finding a place for a group to come together and live; preparation for joining this community and finding her place with “this group of beautiful people. I feel very happy and blessed to know you all.”

Working, affinity group reports and proposals

Internet – Karrie

The internet is still working—use it!

The new website is up
Sign up to use the forum
You just need a valid email address and a name/alias/handle
A better platform than Facebook
Site’s group pages need some technical tweaking to increase user-friendliness
The internet team will be holding some workshops for the working groups
At group meetings, please consider what you want on your page, and come to the workshop with some ideas
They’ll show you the best way to post your information

The official Facebook page is almost at 400,000 fans
Share it with your friends
They’ll get feeds, and start understanding what we’re all about

On Youtube, and news articles – squash the trolls with facts and love

Graphic Design – Karrie

Looking for ideas for business cards
Hoping to present design at Tuesday’s GA
They’ll be printed by Friday
Find the post on the forum to submit ideas and suggestions

Outreach – Gary

Tomorrow’s GA will be devoted to a canvassing workshop
Please bring any bits of publicity you find regarding Occupy
A useful tool to help relate to individuals
Lars is working on a canvassing script

Media – Ed

The keyboard on Ed’s laptop shat out; there won’t be any Livestream until some solution is found

Arts & Culture – Kenzie

Radical caroling practice will be held Tuesday, after GA

Thursday, 5:30 PM – the group will work on signs and a banner for the 10 December action
Please come help, and bring your ideas

The group is also accepting donations of decorations for the Rockupy concert

A full-size poster for the Rockupy concert is ready, it just needs to be printed
Lars and a few others will screen print it at UF
Ed has offered some ink

Library – Zot

Many books have been given away, and more are requested
Preferably, paperbacks on Occupy-related subjects, but none will be turned done

Some books are still stored in the shed

B-Love has offered to take care of the books at night so we don’t have to pack and unpack them each day

Skunk has suggested storing them in a mini-structure made of tables and tarps
The police haven’t objected to this setup yet

Food & Comfort – Julie

16 December – Rockupy concert
We’ll also be celebrating Sagittarius birthdays
We need some cupcakes, vegan and otherwise
We’ll also have some drinks to encourage donations
We already have some cider
We need some tea, hot chocolate, and other beverages
Also both vegan and otherwise

A “needs” list will be posted on the forums soon

Global Liaisons – Lars

Responsible for coordinating, communicating with other Occupies

We need to reinvolve ourselves in the conference calls

The group is also working to set up a voicemail phone number
Can ring through to multiple people
We just need some people to serve as contacts

General proposals

The Gainesville General Assembly reached consensus on four proposals tonight:

1) We will accept Hear Again Music’s offer to keep our tshirts at their store
They will distribute them and collect donations
Out of the goodness in their hearts, not for profit
We will credit them as supporters on our site, if they are agreeable

2) Thursday’s GA will be devoted to affinity group training, and strategizing.

3) David Cobb’s visit on Wednesday at noon is an official OG event.

4) OG will send a few of us to the Florida People’s Convention
They will not have representative power
Their goal is to bring OG’s concerns to the convention, and to report back to OG about the convention
And hopefully “unleash the process” while they’re there
Lars’s quote of the evening: “They have no idea what’s about to go down.”

Announcements & Appreciation

Beginning tomorrow, and the rest of the week, B-Love will convene an affinity group to carry out pro-local-business demonstrations

Musical GAs were also suggested as a way of keeping vibes high


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