General Assembly Minutes 2011-12-11

Facilitator: Chris
Time Keeper: Damia
Stack Taker: Ilene
Greeter: John F
Vibe Checker: Zot and Karrie
Note Taker: Jess

1. Roles, Respect Check, Donations
2. Welcome and Consensus Review
3. Announcements
4. Other Occupy News
5. Occupy Gainesville News
6. Deep Breathe
7. Working and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals
8. Hair Metal Break
9. General Discussion (General Infrastructure, Food and Comfort, Logistics)
10. Open Floor
11. Announcements and Appreciation
12. Enjoy having already cleaned up and packed up

• All invited to Grand Central Labor Council spaghetti dinner at 6:30pm on 27th have off of Waldo
• Move To Amend initial meeting Wed at 4pm at the CMC
• Rockupy Gainesville benefit Friday at 9pm at CMC
• Documentary about Occupy Gainesville showing Friday at 10am, location TBA
• Vets for Peace solstice concert Saturday the 17th

Other Occupy News
• John F had a conference call today with Occupy Supply; spoke with liaisons all over the country. They will be sending a starter box, equip with gloves, hats, socks, etc. Seemed that the tempo of other occupations were similar to ours in terms of participation
• The People’s Convention in Orlando was awesome, Occupy Gainesville was well received. Minutes will be available on their webpage. A few hundred were in attendance.

Occupy Gainesville News
• Barter Day was today, went well despite the cold, all encouraged to attend the 18th
• 2 nights ago Zot was the only occupier. All were kicked off the mulch and later kicked off the stage in the rain
• Consensus was reached at the People’s Convention to host the next convention in April Gainesville! This will be a convention of the whole Southeastern region of the country
• Sleepers have been occupying Chris and Ed’s lawn after they dealt with an illegal eviction. ASO was called on Wednesday morning because the owner feared there were Rainbow people camping. Chris and Ed took the Occupy Gainesville banner Tuesday night because the truck was gone and no one was staying on the plaza and returned it on Thursday

Working and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals

Internet – presented by Karrie
• All encouraged to sign up and participate in the forums on the new site, get away from the Facebook group!
• If you cannot see the working group forums and are in a working group email internet [at] with who you are and your handle and you will be given access to them. These forums are not public.
• If you see videos or articles about Occupy Gainesville comment on them, without comment the reader may think the story is true, when it may not be

Graphic Design – presented by Karrie
• Business cards are ready and will be picked up as soon as the donations to pay for them are acquired
• If you are a graphic designer, see Karrie in person or in the Graphic Design forum as she will likely need lots of help with the upcoming convention

Greet the City Commission – presented by Zot
Here are the dates and times for the next round of meetings with our local elected officials:
Thursday, 10 January, 9:30 AM: Susan Bottcher
Thursday, 10 January, 10:00 AM: Jeanna Mastrodicasa
Thursday, 10 January, 10:30 AM: Randy Wells
Thursday, 10 January, 1:00 PM: Craig Lowe (mayor)
Tuesday, 17 January, 3:30 PM: Todd Chase
Tuesday, 17 January, 4:00 PM: Thomas Hawkins
Monday, 23 January, 3:30 PM: Scherwin Henry

Media – presented by Chris
• Met at Maude’s today and discussed the Process video which will be a 10 minute video with hand signals and an explanation of the process, next meeting will be Sunday at 5pm at Maude’s to further discuss this
• Movie night is set for Jan 7th at IBEW. Will be a double feature, the first movie at 6pm, the second at 9pm. possibly a speaker as well. Will be refreshments (including cookies baked by Chris). Movies TBA, will post list of possible films on forums and Facebook, narrow down, and bring to GA.
• Possible night for family movies
• For any actions planned after the 7th media is requesting the flyer so they can make video flyers to show during intermission on movie nights

Direct Action – presented by Kenzie
• Meeting tomorrow at 5:30pm on plaza

Canvassing – presented by Kenzie
• Canvassing Tuesday around 5, more encouraged to join

General Proposals
• None

Open Discussion (General Infrastructure, Food and Comfort, Logistics)
• What do we want/need or don’t want/need from Food and Comfort, supplies from the truck, etc.
• Recent morning Quaker man brought bagels and there were no occupiers, he waited for 40 min and no one came so he left. Food and Comfort is now unsure what to do about breakfast and lunch, will only be serving dinner this week.
• We need to focus on having someone on plaza and tent to distribute information. This needs to be the main focus during the day, there are ways to eat, no one will starve
• Movement not started for a 24/7 presence until our rights were stomped on, now a 24/7 presence is imperative, 7-9 sleepers while many only attend GA is unacceptable and people to need to step up and sleep or the movement may fizzle out
• James who has been travelling through occupations shared that all occupations he has visited had a 24/7 presence , no matter what the weather or time. This shows the community that you mean what you say
• Occupy does not mean sometimes, we need to bring people in and the best way to do that is by educating people on the fence
• 24/7 presence as a symbol of our determination
• Wear your shirts in public, engage people and encourage them to come
• More inspiration actions to energize and draw people in
• Schedule for tent watchers, put it online to sign up
• Reach people where they live and inspire them (events, houses, workplace)
• Sleepers have felt unappreciated and that the GA was making decisions for them and felt it unfair
• (Note: Open Floor and Open Discussion sort of molded into one section) Chris is unsure of how she will get airfare to see her children this Christmas, is determined and very upset. This prompted an emotional discussion and the group consensed to break process and accepted an ad hoc proposal: Occupy Gainesville sponsor airfare for Chris’ children to come to Gainesville. This story and ways to donate via PayPal will be put on the Occupy Gainesville website. PASSED. A third donations hat was also placed in the center of the circle for the evening for this cause.
• Chris really appreciates this and didn’t bring this up for that kind of help but because we are a community and a family

Announcements and Appreciation
• Ed appreciates John F for two months of driving with all our stuff in his truck twice a day
• Damia appreciates Chris for opening up and asking for help and allowing vulnerability
• Skunk appreciates “mammal juice” (milk)
• Zot has love for Food and Comfort, specifically Ilene who is quite brings home cooked meals, transports people, gathers information from other occupations, stimulates our Facebook conversations, and makes a point to get to know each of us for who we are
• Walton appreciates everyone for being out in the cold tonight – we had some laughter and tears, which is what community is all about
• Karrie thinks we f---ing rock
• Ed appreciates Skunk and other travelers for reminding us of our need for a 24/7 presence
• James suggests looking into food donations from food pantries and those who supply them and a food cart/mini pantry
• Chris appreciates everyone and wants everyone not at GA tonight to know this and cannot wait to show off her boys
• Media/Process Video meeting Sunday at 5pm at Maude’s


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