General Assembly Minutes 2011-12-13

Facilitator: Michelle
Co-facilitator: Karin
Vibe Checker: Lars
Time Keeper: Tommy
Stack Taker: Kenzie
Greeter: Denise
Note Taker: Jess

1. Roles, Respect Check, Donations Agenda
2. Welcome and Consensus Review
3. Announcements
4. Other Occupy News
5. Occupy Gainesville News
6. Open Discussion (tent, logistics, 24/7 occupation)
7. Proper Grammar and Punctuation Break
8. Open Floor
9. Working and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals
10. General Proposals
11. Announcements and Appreciation
12. Clean Up


• Student documentary about Occupy Gainesville will be shown on campus on Friday
• Workshop on healthy boundaries, fun relationships, and being kickass Thursday at 6:30 on the plaza
• Move to Amends’ new Gainesville branch will have first meeting tomorrow at 4pm at the CMC
• EBT tent at farmer’s market has requested we move our tent’s place on the plaza tomorrow
• Rockupy Gainesville is Friday at 9pm at the CMC, there will be a pizza potluck at GA before the show, on the plaza

Other Occupy News

• Lots of connections made at the People’s Convention in Orlando last weekend. Occupy Gainesville Delicates went with reservations about the process but met others sharing their concerns. Shared struggles, successes, and challenges with other occupations and found the tension between behind the scene organizers and the “ground team” to be a common issue.
• Southeastern Regional Convergence tentatively scheduled in Gainesville from March 31st – April Fool’s Day
• Cleveland passed a resolution in city commission in agreeance with the movement and most demands in a 19 to 1 vote
• Ilene checked in with Occupy Houston regarding the mysterious red tent (see: No clarity on what was in the canister (possibly just air?); Protestors had attached themselves together with PVC pipes to block a highway and were being cut apart.
• An occupier from Athens, Ga. stopped into our GA, said we are looking good
• Occupy Daytona has a permit this weekend for their park, Ahren will be going

s>Occupy Gainesville News

• Jess received a box of donations from her grandmother in Boston for Occupy Gainesville
• Last night Occupy Hot Tubs, Women’s and Whisky Affinity Groups converged in hot tub occupation and spoke to two people who are interested in coming out to the plaza. Afterwards, started to choreograph a flash mob dance
• Women’s Affinity Group is (for now) exclusive to women identified peoples, is meeting at Amber’s house, see the Facebook group page for more information

Open Discussion (tent, 24/7 presence, logistics)

We had a discussion about our drop in numbers in overnight occupiers (down to zero some nights), and what we want to do going forward. Below are some of the thoughts and ideas we had.

• Suggested we have a back up meeting place in the event of bad weather (city hall, shed at Michelle’s house, IBEW Hall)
• Find a space for rent (office space) with computer, mailing address, etc
• Squat – could use solar panels Zot offered, must be absolutely secure
• Rotating potluck at people’s houses
• Travel to other parks and locations as outreach
• Positive about 24/7 presence in plaza: visibility, knowing where to go every day, being outside, downtown energy, place for travelers to find us however there is tension in maintaining presence and we don’t have the numbers right now
• Set back on focusing energy on plaza presence and have a reoccupy day when ready
• Take tent shifts
• Ask for small space at CMC
• Always keep GA at the plaza
• Concerns about leaving Danny alone at the tent all day most days
• Set up a table at UF when classes start again
• Concerns with overnight occupiers breaking agreements and endangering themselves and the group – suggested we official withdraw our overnight occupation on website to distance ourselves (further concerns this could heighten the tension with the group team)
• Post online these kinds of decisions will be made so everyone can participate

Open Floor

• Please do not do illegal drugs on the plaza, as it endangers Occupy Gainesville
• Julie and Karin did a radical carol
• Volta would like to have a forum with several members of Occupy Gainesville and some other members of the community after the new year
• The defense act is not being vetoed
• Occupy has been declared a terrorist organization
• Adopt An Occupier program has started online
• Be Love’s quote for inspiration regarding the terrorist labeling: “What would a warrior look forward to more than a righteous fight”
• We should mic check local businesses pointing out the positive (living wage, benefits, treats employees well)
• Michelle’s car is broke and is an awesome in car DJ and sing-a-long buddy
• Julie and Lars screen printed awesome Rockupy posters
• Let’s wear bandanas, have giant smiles in public, and random public meditations – terroristic acts

Working and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals

Graphic Design – presented by Denise
• Business cards are in, awesome outreach tool

Donations – presented by Denise
Proposal: 50 dollars be given to Michelle and her roommates from general donations to reimburse a portion of their GRU bill (Food and Comfort supplies and food storage). Passed.
• Proposal: 36 dollars be given to John F from general donations to reimburse for transporting the trash from the shed to the dump. Passed

Arts and Culture - presented by Kenzie
• Carol practice (hopefully to go out later in night) and flash mob practice Sunday at 1pm, during Barter Day on plaza

Direct Action – presented by Michelle
• Met Monday and talked about foreclosure occupation
• Attending a foreclosure sale on Thursday
• Future Take Back The Land workshop,

Community Outreach – presented by Tommy
• Needs help/more members
• Meeting Thursday after workshop
• Working with Josh to organize an event within the first few weeks of school

Strategy – presented by Michelle
• Meeting Saturday at 1:30pm on plaza

General Proposals

• Tomorrow night at 6:30pm be the first meeting of the Southeastern Convergence Affinity Group. Passed.
• Monday at 6:30pm be an Occupy Foreclosures Affinity Group/Direct Action meeting on plaza. Passed.
• Thursday at 6:30pm be a healthy boundaries and kickass relationship workshop on plaza. Passed

Announcements and Appreciation

• Spike will be facilitating a nonviolent physical intervention workshop at from 3-4:30 on Saturday on the plaza, will discuss verbal de-escalation, and teach non violent ways to control a person’s body so they can’t hurt you and to disengage if someone ahs their hands on you
• Vets for Peace solstice event is on Saturday. John F is selling tickets (10-30 dollars sliding scale). Occupy Gainesville will have a tent (new flyers and reprints of old flyers are needed). Meet at plaza at 5:30 to plan/carpool
• Kali Blount speaking tomorrow at the CMC giving a presentation on African history
• Come to Rockupy prepared to carol
• Karin appreciates everyone
• Walton appreciates all patriots, not terrorists
• Tommy appreciates the group that just went to Orlando and everyone else


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