General Assembly Minutes 2011-12-16


Construct and approve agenda – 5 minutes
Speed review – 2 minutes
Order pizza
Appreciation – 5 minutes (+2)
Open discussion – 15 minutes
Pizza break – 5 minutes
General proposals – 15 minutes
Working and affinity group reports and proposals – 15 minutes
Open floor – 15 minutes


Facilitator – Karin
Stack keeper – Coral
Vibe checkers, greeter/guides – everyone
Time keeper – Zot
Note taker – Walton


Tomorrow at 3:00, Spike will hold a nonviolent physical intervention and de-escalation skills workshop. Dress comfortably, don’t wear anything dangly, and be ready to get up close and personal.

Tomorrow at 1:00, the Strategy working group will have its first meeting.

At 5:00 tomorrow evening, a few of us will congregate at the plaza before making their way to the Veterans for Peace Winter Solstice Concert.

Ian and Ahren are going to Daytona to support their Occupy in their permitted camp out. Everyone is welcome to join.

Spike will bring some stained glass, wire, and a drill to Sunday’s Barter Day (about 1:00) so people can make pretty hangy glass things.

OWS organizer Eric Greco [spelling?] will be visiting us sometime in February.

The Media working group will be holding monthly movie nights; our tentative first date has been scrapped for logistical reasons, but the team will designate a new one soon.

We have access to electricity for as long as the Christmas lights are up in the plaza.

A reminder, we’re sponsoring Chris’s children to come visit for the holidays. One participant has donated sky miles for the trip down, but we still need funds for the return flight. Cash is welcome, and you can donate over paypal with your debit or credit card; visit for more details.

Dr. Cornell West will be here on 20 Jan (the anniversary of Citizens United) to participate in our action in support of DC’s action to shut down the supreme court. Move to Amend will have a meeting on 30 Dec at 2:00 PM at the CMC to plan this event.

Move to Amend will hold their next general meeting on 4 Jan at 5:30 at the CMC.

The Media working group will have its next meeting at 5:30 PM on Sunday to work on the Process video. Everyone is welcome to join them.


Chris appreciates everyone who has donated to the fund, especially Karrie.

Spike appreciates everyone who participated in last night’s conversation, where they examined their imaginary beliefs that cause pain as a way of managing emotions.

Zot appreciates everyone who has been willing to show emotion at GAs, when sleeping over, on Facebook, and at actions and events and activities, especially Ed.

Julie appreciates all the glutten-free and vegan people, and offered them pizza.

Ahren appreciates Julie for the awesome pizza.

Karrie appreciates everyone’s kind words during recent hard times—they meant a lot and lifted her spirits.

Chris appreciates Sterlo for the awesome Barter Day video flyer.

Lars appreciates Ed for his tenacity and perseverance in making OG a place where everyone can feel welcome.

Tommy appreciates Julie, for setting up Rockupy, and all the musicians who will perform.

Open discussion

John Fullerton suggested that we get gift cards from Firedog Lake and give them out to the homeless, so they can have food over the holidays. Firedog lake is a website run by activists who support Occupy, especially occupations in the north that have to endure brutal weather. They’re accepting donations for the gift cards to be distributed to the homeless. Each card will be for a specific union, locavore restaurant. The Jones was suggested for our restaurant. We also started a list of people to whom we’d like to give these cards: Tiger, Danny, the core sleepers, Pino [spelling?], Tiger, Willie, Kevin, our mustached friend who sleeps and watches for us, and our anonymous friend who talks with Ahren when he gets up to get a drink of water at night.

Zot suggested we participate in Socks Fifth Avenue, which delivers clean socks filled with small needful and recreational items to the homeless without disclosing their location to the police.

We had two visitors tonight, Wolf and Two Feathers. They appreciate listening to us, are highly interested in our views and opinions. They look forward to being more involved.

General proposals

[Chris takes over as stack keeper, and later as facilitator]

Proposal (passed): Convergence Assemblies, dedicated to planning the South Eastern Regional Convergence at the end of March, will meet each Saturday at 6:30 PM.

A convergence working group is also in the works.

Working and affinity group reports and proposals

Library, via Zot

The Library group needs volunteers to photocopy materials during the day tomorrow. You’ll need to provide your own location; we get a teacher’s discount at Xerographic on NW 13th.

Graphic Design, via Karrie

Karrie will need help soon, especially with the SERC approaching; she can give a refresher in Adobe design programs for anyone who needs one.

Media, via Chris

The Media group will meet on Sunday at 5:00 at Maude’s to work on the Process video.

Process, via Karin

The Process group encourages everyone to bring their proposals to group meetings, so they can help you make them awesome.

Open floor

Dwayne was gone for about a month, but he got a job and was able to put some gas in the tank, so he’s back. He still has some meat in his freezer, which he’ll bring over to the mansion.

Karrie is sorry she’s been MIA, but is glad to be back, and looks forward to rocking out tonight.

Zot attended the showing of Josie’s visual anthropology film today. It was a fair depiction of how we overcame some early trials and tribulations (at least partly). It will hopefully be made available to us in the future, once ownership issues are worked out. [Secretary’s note: UF is as greedy a corporation as any on Wall Street.]

Dan has been missing, and has been missing us. He’s glad we’re still here.

Chris thanks, again, everyone who’s donated.