General Assembly Minutes 2011-12-18

Facilitator: Quill
Stack Taker: Tommy
Time Keeper: Lars
Vibe Checker: Spike
Greeter: Evie
Note Taker: Jess


1. Roles, Respect Check, Donations, Agenda
2. Welcome and Consensus Review
3. Announcements
4. Working and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals
5. Open Discussion (the relationship between the Southeast Convergence Affinity Group and Occupy Gainesville)
6. Learn A New Move Break
7. News and Other Occupations
8. General Proposals
9. Open Floor
10. Announcements and Appreciation
11. Clean Up and Party Down


• Dinner is dank!
• Chris got donations and made a connection at a food bank. Inventory to come
• Vets for Peace solstice party was last night and went well. Ilene’s friend sold handmade flags and gave us half the money. We also made a lot of money with buttons and shirts. Total was $242

Working and Affinity Group Reports

Media – presented by Chris
• Met with Lars and Karin today about Process video. Next meeting is Wednesday at 5pm at Maude’s to discuss logistics of video. All interested encouraged to attend
• Jesse Lagreca ( will be visiting Occupy Gainesville and speaking early in 2012
• Movie night changed to the 14th. Two movies will be played one will be two short movies (The 99% and How to Start a Revolution), the second will be either The High Cost of Low Prices or Capitalism: An Inside Job. Need help with snacks and drinks. Flyer will be made.

Strategy – presented by Lars
• First meeting was yesterday at 1pm on plaza
• Next meeting is January 14th at 1pm on plaza, all encouraged to attend

Outreach – presented by Tommy
Proposal: Wednesday’s assembly be focused on community outreach. PASSED.

Open Discussion (the relationship between the Southeast Convergence Affinity Group and Occupy Gainesville)

• The group is as of now an affinity group (therefore doesn’t have to report to GA and doesn’t use the Occupy Gainesville name) – suggested they change to a working group (therefore having the official support of Occupy Gainesville, the ability to use the name, and have to present ideas to GA)
• Affinity group is faster and more efficient and possibly better at this early stage in development
• We are a small group and ALL working groups will need to be involved in planning the convergence
• Suggested it be an autonomous working group\
• Concerns/doubts about the democratic nature of decision making in an affinity group raised in a recent GA – Does Occupy Gainesville trust this group?
• When topics requiring input of Occupy Gainesville, they will be brought to GA
• Planning meetings will not be streamed – no need for the world to see sloppy planning meetings
(Note: After this discussion a new topic was introduced and briefly discussed: A woman named Elizabeth has offered to allow use of her van for a mobile occupation with a library, banner, etc. Below are discussion points from this topic)
• Formation of a Mobile Outreach Affinity Group
• Use as an outreach tool/logistical support, not a center for meetings
• We must be judicious about who we choose to drive it
• We can alter van
• General sense we can use this offer
• Will be discussed further at Wednesday’s Community Outreach Assembly

News and Other Occupations

• Occupy Gainesville got everyone dancing at last night’s Vets for Peace event! Effective outreach move.
• Skeet and Michelle were visiting Occupy Gainesville as a last stop of “occuhopping” down the east coast from Boston and shared the following news: ¾ were evicted but still having actions and GAs and were in high spirits, saw a rise in neighborhood assemblies, foreclosed home and building occupations, Occupy the Night actions in Providence, Rhode Island addressing women’s and queer issues within the occupation, Athens, Georgia’s encampment was vandalized and destroyed, tension between homeless/transient and those at GAs common (found having them involved and self organized was the best way to ease this tension)
• Jason was visiting from the west coast where he reported the campus occupations were tighter than the city’s

General Proposals

• The original proposal to have the Southeastern Convergence Affinity Group be changed to a working group was altered after some conversation. The proposal was eventually withdrawn after conversation and the feeling gathered that the GA trusted the affinity group as is stands.

Open Floor

• Ilene appreciates everyone for a great weekend and hopes supporters will be more active
• Ed appreciates Ilene for making his favorite dish tonight
• Damia appreciates Spike for yesterday’s de-escalation workshop
• Should we find a way to get more participation in Barter Days or should we do away with them?
• After and online argument yesterday Lars thought it is necessary in community building for us to get upset and work through it and not run away
• We need more people, to get the word out, and work on ways to handle/avoid conflict and get more homefree individuals to work with us

Announcements and Appreciation

• Lars appreciates Jess for taking notes (Thanks! It’s my pleasure (: )
• Ed showcased his hokie pokie skills
• It’s cold! Let’s clean up and party down!


I also appreciate Jess for

I also appreciate Jess for taking notes. Three cheers!