General Assembly Minutes 2011-12-19

Facilitator: Quill
Stack Taker: Coral
Vibe Checker: Everyone!
Time Keeper: Zot
Note Taker: Jess

1. Roles, Respect Check, Agenda
2. Consensus Review
3. News and Announcements
4. Open Discussion (Occupy Foreclosures, helping families, resources)
5. Open Floor
6. Announcements

News and Announcements

• Elizabeth has offered her van for use, an affinity group will be forming, this will be further discussed at Wednesday’s Community Outreach Assembly
• Choices Health Care program in Alachua county has lowered its’ requirements for minimum amount of hours worked per week from 30 to 20
• Women’s Affinity Group is meeting on Thursday at Amber’s house, see the Facebook group for more information
• Healthcare affinity group meeting Tuesday at 5:30pm at the CMC (healthcaregainesville [at]
• Move To Amend event planning committee meeting December 30th at2pm (movetoamendgainesville [at]

Open Discussion (brainstorming Occupy Foreclosures, helping families, resources)

• We are in a stage of self education – how the foreclosure process works, how we can best be supportive of people being forced out of their homes
• Help people and bring awareness
• Carrie David (spelling?) may come talk to us about evictions and foreclosures on Jan 4th at 7pm, not confirmed, more information to come
• Google Gainesville foreclosures and seethe Clerk of Courts page, here there are lists of people facing foreclosure, addresses and phone numbers, hearings begin again after the new year and are almost every day at 11 am
• Suggested mic check auctions and bring the families with us
• Suggested call everyone on Clerk of Courts site and get them all together for an action
• Suggested a camp in on the plaza with those who have faced foreclosure
• Suggested setting up a place for these families and houseless individuals
• Educate ourselves and make a decision on best course of action as a group, hopefully no one will call these people or make any disruptions on their own, we are most powerful as a group
• Occupy Tampa recently occupied a home and was successful
• Resources for education – Kenzie emailed man in town who helps people facing foreclosure in court, talk to real estate agents?
(Note: The discussion became a totally open discussion, below are the discussion points from this)
• Nancy discovered to run for senate you must either get 5,000 people to fill out petitions (filling one out is not a promise to vote for the potential candidate) or give the state $10,000. This in a way says that each person’s voice is worth $2. Nancy is inspired to attempt to get 5,000 petitions filled out. Her two issues being that corporations are not people and money is not speech
• If you do not have an address you can acquire a mailing address at St Francis House, though you are subject to a background check (413 S. Main Street)

Open Floor

• Alex just returned from a few days at Occupy Tampa. Saw a street theater action regarding the NDAA which showed the consequences of this act being passed
• The Occupy movement needs a next larger step and it would be meaningful to think about what that would be
• Self educate yourselves regarding foreclosures and be involved in future actions, next meeting about this likely to be after new year
• Alachua County Coalition for the Homeless and Hungry, Inc. meeting Wednesday at 9am
• Take into consideration what Occupy Gainesville looks like to members of the 99% who may not know this is their fight yet, do not alienate people
• Occupy Tampa did an outreach event in a low income section of the city, had a food line, drums, coloring books, books, clothes and taught first responder information to people in case of police brutality
• Tommy is willing to share his skills from the military as a combat life saver
• Consider starting Occupy the Hood in Gainesville


• Occupy Tampa is working on and revising demands to send to Tallahassee

(Note: At this point the GA had become a very small, tight circle including several individuals who are not a regular part of Occupy Gainesville and did not consider themselves members. We discussed concerns they had about us not being visible occupations [no one around at all times, no signs], alienating people, etc. And a range of other topics. It was a very interesting and wonderful conversation that Quill adjusted to the changes and facilitated beautifully. I didn’t take notes during this part of the meeting, but if you are interested to hear about it you can talk to me or others who were there)


highly accurate and thanks

highly accurate and thanks for taking notes and making them available.