General Assembly Minutes 2011-12-23

Facilitator – Karen
Stacker – Ilene
Notetaker – Ellie
Greeter – Ahren
Vibe Checker – Phil
Timekeeper – John
Bin Fairy – Zot

Respect guidelines
Hat for donations (Occupy/Road Trip/Christine’s Family)

-Florida Free Speech Forum is doing a program about freedom of assembly,
which are turned into PSAs and broadcast locally on the WUFT. (Andrew
suggested that people apply to take part in the discussion. Contact
-OG has been told by a local merchant that police activity has increased
in the downtown area—with special attention to transients or anyone who
looks like a transient. The police are particularly looking for people
with drugs . OGers, overnight guests, and people from other Occupy
groups should be vigilant and share the message: no drugs at Occupy.
-Dr. Cornel West will be in Florida January 20 and will join OG to
Occupy the Courthouse. This is an opportunity for OG to work with the
media, get some attention, and increase awareness of the local Occupy
movement. Organizing meeting for Cornell West visit is December 30 2p.m.
at the Civic Media Center (433 S. Main Street).
-Bread and Puppets would like to come to OG and teach us how to make and
use giant puppets. OG would like to organize this event around the SE

Working and Affinity Groups
Laura reporting for Westside Affinity Group
-An affinity group for Westside Park Gainesville is working on a program
to explain Occupy to children. For more information, contact Laura
Delucio Gross through Facebook.

Karrie reporting for Internet Group
-All admins for the OG sites (Facebook Group and Community and OG Web
site) need to show level of participation by Dec 30 or you will be
removed as admin in order to allow others who wish to take a more active
role the chance to participate.
-Two new admins were added. To view new admins, go register on the site,
get verified, and then have access to information regarding admins. To
register for site send an email to Internet [at] with
your handle, name, and what working group you wish to join.
-A new “fishbowl” feature has been added so that admin actions will be
transparent and users can comment about actions.
-Working on designs for posters (e.g., for Jan 20 action). You can voice
your opinion as a registered user of the OG site. “So sign up and put in
your two cents!”

Zot reporting for Library Working Group
-OG received an email asking for our mailing address. Zot volunteered
hers. OG received two new books and some pamphlets for the library.
- Thanks to all who have been replenishing literature.
-Library needs help. Please go to Library Forum and learn how you can
help. We welcome suggestions for smoother method of replenishing Library
-Proposal: The Cornel West event be publicized as an official Occupy Gainesville event. PASSED.

Lars reporting for Geoff of the Legal Working Group
-People who were arrested on Nov 11 have court dates soon (Jan 6, 9, And
11). PLEASE get in touch with Geoff as soon as possible.
-Geoff proposed that OG members show up at the courthouse for at least
one of these court dates. A local broadcast station, GTN is interested
in covering such an event.

Open Discussion
-Myrtle Beach FL is asking for people to join them on Jan 16 to protest
the GOP and FOX News and also to celebrate MLK Day. (Need more
information.) Contact? [I missed that bit of info]
-Atlanta is working on a convergence. Ian from OG will have more
-The SE convergence was proposed for March 23, 24, 25 but will await
more conversation after the holidays when more people can participate in
the discussion. There is an open discussion on the OG Web site on this
-Various properties near downtown and some farther away were discussed
as possible sites to host visitors from out of town.

No general proposals

Open Floor (since it seemed people wanted to discuss, changed to open
discussion for 15 min)

-gen population doesn't seem to know about occupy
-occupy affects beyond what we can see.
-seasonal reasons for low numbers? Transitional period?
-media working on OG news, movie night

Other occupy news
- Tommy B brought FDL gift card to Orlando

Occupy Gainesville news
-keep an eye on peoples' stuff
-thanks to situationists, VFP, Books Inc
-look out for sprinklers
-dumpster yielded sheets & banner
-someone donated a nice blanket


There's missing info, or

There's missing info, or worded wrong i guess.. this "-Mentioned again about visit from Cornell West and what a great
opportunity this is for OG." was not a "mentioned" it was a proposal to make it a OG event and it was approved.