General Assembly Minutes 2011-12-30

Vibe check-Spike/Kenzie
Greeter-John F.



Arts & Culture meeting Sun. 1/1 2pm @Plaza

Move To Amend meeting Wed. 1/4 5:30pm @ Civic Media Center (CMC) 433 S Main St.

Women's Affinity Group Wed. 1/4 7:30pm @ CMC

Galileo of Gainesville Dan's play opens 1/13 @ Acrosstown Repertory Theatre 619 S Main St.and runs through 1/29. Part of the cast will be doing a rough run-through for us at the plaza Sun. 1/1 @3:33pm

New Years Potluck/Show: Many-Fur Shadow Puppeteers and harmonizing by the Damsels. Sun. 7pm potluck 8pm show @ CMC free/donations appreciated

Move To Amend Occupy the Courts planning meeting Sat. 1/7 2pm @ CMC

Internet workshop Sat. 1/7 4:30pm @ CMC Bring laptops/phones/tablets/etc. to learn how to edit/post in the forums/info pages on the OG website.2 representatives from each working group are encouraged to come to be set up as writers

Mon. 1/2 6:30pm GA is for sign-making for the 1/6 action. Bring cardboard, paints, brushes and other art supplies.

Move To Amend Occupy Courts Fri. 1/20 1pm @ Plaza Cornel West, local speakers, street theater, march (times tba)


INTERNET (Karrie)-it's still working, use it! Spread the word about Occupy the Courts 1/20! There's a facebook event page, fb group and community page and our website forums. Get verified to use forums, email internet [at]

GRAPHIC DESIGN GENERAL PROPOSAL-requests from donations $29.95 for 2 24x42" magnet signs that are red/black on white background. Shipping free and should arrive on 1/6. APPROVED


COMMUNITY OUTREACH (Tommy)-GA on thurs. focused on mobile occupation.

PROPOSAL 1-Sun. 1/8 canvassing effort tentatively @K's house/yard as a base APPROVED

PROPOSAL 2-The canvassing effort is an experiment to see what it's like occupying a neighborhood, churches letting out-testing the water.We take what we learn and create another event the following weekend. APPROVED

CONFLICT AND SUPPORT (Lars)-GA thurs. 1/5 workshop/training. The topic will be about what C& S does---maybe have a meeting for a few minutes for us to observe, then a discussion about taking responsibility for mediating conflicts. They are seeking to find balance/transparency due to the confidential issues brought to them.

INTERNET ADDITION-The email address to contact working groups on the website is transferring from .net to .org.There are no contacts for Direct Action, Logistics and Global Liaisons and emails keep getting sent to Lars.


John asked people to come to the plaza this am in case the police came.The police got a complaint about the plaza (probably from the letter writer) . Canopy was put up, no problems and he appreciated all who came.

On the website below GET INVOLVED, there is a calendar for the welcome tent shifts.When you see an open shift, email tent [at] John, Zot and Annette can fill in the schedule. Shifts can be 2-4hrs.


Occupy LA will have a gigantic float in the Rose Parade Jan. 2. The float is a gigantic octopus made out of recycled plastic bags. The octopus symbolizes the stranglehold that the corporations have over the people/government.

Occupy Santa Cruz has about 300 people, strong. Some stresses due to the rainy season and other issues.

Occupy Nashville had an eviction injunction and now are back in their park.


Cornel West/Occupy the Courts, marching to UF and occupying the hall to hear Travis Smiley and him speak on their poverty tour.After they finish, maybe do a friendly mic chec to express our appreciation. Reaching out to as many people as you and your friends know to spread the word/come to the event or the planning meeting on 1/7 2pm @CMC.Hand out flyers.

On the website there is a discussion posted re:foreclosures in the General Discussion Forum. Please read and post there, join the conversation!

Three Rivers legal Services has restrictions re:politics, so the lawyer who was going to do a workshop on the foreclosure process rescinded his offer. Lars has been in contact with a lawyer in Jacksonville who is passionate about North Florida resistance to foreclosures.She's doing a workshop in Jacksonville tentatively scheduled for the 12th 6-9pm at the downtown library-------roadtrip?! She encourages us to educate ourselves. Lars asked for resources such as PDF/books and perhaps we'll form a study group.

OCCUPY ART 2/12 (FYI our 4th month anniversary) a call to action to show art about the Occupy Movement.Blank paper to grab for submissions for posters. We could display at the Plaza that day and find a gallery or space like Volta where we could hang art afterwards. Maybe it could remain up through artwalk.


Folks speaking from their heart and often turns into appreciation/gratitude.


Cancel 1/20 GA to listen to Cornel West and Travis Smiley speak at UF. APPROVED

OG INFORMATIONAL PICKET 1/6 in front of big banks encouraging people to move their money to locally owned banks, outreach for foreclosure awareness.Flexibility with times to accommodate a speaker from Take Back The Land . APPROVED

SERC of occupations change date from 3/30-4/1 to 3/23-3/25.APPROVED

Flyer for SERC and adopting the tree/hand for our logo for the event. BOTH APPROVED


SERC (southeast regional convergence) meeting Sat. 6:30 @Plaza

Wed. 1/4 MTA meeting @CMC 5:30

Wed. 1/4 Strategy meeting 2pm @Plaza

Sat. 1/7 11am-1pm Spike's nonviolent/resistance training 4 series class. Everyone invited to watch but to participate, you must attend first class in the series.

Our pack up/load up fairies did so mid GA!

Thanks to Erin for making a scrumptious broccoli casserole, salad with homemade pineapple tarragon dressing and a birthday cake for Bo Didley.


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