General Assembly Minutes 2012-01-03

Facilitator: Quill
Time Keeper: Gary
Vibe Checker: Lars
Greeter: Lars
Stack Taker: Karin
Note Taker: Jess

1. Roles, Respect Check
2. Welcome, Consensus Review
3. Announcements
4. Working and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals
5. General Proposals
6. Fireside Chat
7. Open Discussion – community outreach
8. Open Floor
9. Announcements and Appreciation
10. Camp Fire Songs!


• Demonstrations on Friday – Wells Fargo 11-1 and Bank of America 4:30-6, fliers in process
• Mobile Occupation outreach Saturday at Westside Park 9:30am – 1
• De-escalation training begins Saturday at 1:30 on the plaza
• Internet workshop on Saturday 4:30-5:30 at the Civic Media Center, how to post on working group information pages on new website
• Mobile Occupation community outreach at Karrie’s house on Sunday
• Cornel West event planning meeting Saturday at 2 at the Civic Media Center
• Cornel West speaks at Occupy Gainesville Jan 20th at 1
• Women’s Affinity Group meeting tomorrow at 7:30 at Civic Media Center

Working and Affinity Group Reports and Proposals

Conflict and Support – presented by Lars
• Thursday’s assembly will be a Conflict and Support Assembly – “What does conflict and support do anyway?”

Internet – presented by Karrie
• If you cannot see the working group forums, email internet [at] to get verified with your name, handle, and working group
• Please share the Facebook event for Jan 20th

Arts and Culture – presented by Kenzie
• Meeting Saturday at 1pm

General Proposals

The Occupy Gainesville name and trademarks be used on a flyer for the Direct Actions on Friday. PASSED.
• If temperatures reach below 45 degrees, we will meet for GA on the plaza and decide to move to a fire (likely Michelle’s) for a Fireside GA. PASSED.

Fireside Chat

• Alabama occupations have been located and contacted in regards to the convergence
• Convergence website to come
• All doing outreach for convergence encouraged to share information

Open Discussion – Community Outreach

• Lars working on two pieces for a packet, on outreach section of Occupy Gainesville forums
• Script for door knocking to be on forums as well
• Radical Rush at UF – possibly collaborate with Occupy UF

Open Floor

• Someone has spray painted “99%” on City Hall – this is likely to affect us negatively
• Discussion of the Stop Online Piracy Act

Announcements and Appreciation

• Move to Amend general meeting tomorrow at 5:30 at Civic Media Center
• Move to Amend event planning meeting Saturday at 2pm at Civic Media Center
• Evie loves and appreciates everyone
• Gary appreciates those who helped with signs
• Strategy meeting on the 14th at 2
• Free Speech forum at Paramount Plaza Hotel on Southwest 13th street 11:30-1:30
• Presentation on nukes at Crystal River at Civic Media Center on the 9th at 7pm
• Saturday’s Assembly (and all Saturday Assemblies until the convergence) will be a Convergence Affinity Group Assembly