General Assembly Minutes 2012-01-10


Choose Roles - Donations - Welcome - Respect Check - Consensus Review - Approve Agenda
Announcements - 5 minutes
Occupy Gainesville News - 5 minutes
Other Occupy News - 5 minutes
Working Group and Affinity Group reports - 20 min
Piggy Break - 5 min
Open Discussion - 10 min
General Proposals - 10 min
Open Floor - 10 min
Announcements - 5 min

Facilitator: Denise
Stack: Gary
Time: Gary
Notes: Evie
Vibes: Everyone
Greeter: Everyone

Choose Roles - Donations - Welcome - Respect Check - Consensus Review - Approve Agenda

Announcements - 5 minutes

-WED JAN 11 - general Move to Amend meeting @ 530 @ CMC
-New affinity group forming! Occupy the tent - hang out in the tent during the day and talk to people. A log will be created soon to be read at GA and they are also working on improving the appearance of the tent.
-WED JAN 11 - Mr. Ingel will be at the GA at 8:00 to answer any questions about his campaign.
-A sponsor of one of the people running for commission's house is in Gainesville magazine. He has a 16 color page spread on his lavish home. He opposes all homeless rights and maybe we should picket in front of his home.

Occupy Gainesville News - 5 minutes

-Nancy and Tom wrote an article for the Iguana which should be out in the next issue. The topic is on move to amend and occupy the courts.

-Media will need extra hands for the 20th (Occupy the Courts). They will need help with photo/video as well as with the press tent.

Other Occupy News - 5 minutes

-Occupy the Capitol in Tallahassee today. There are pictures online, last Kerrie heard there was a sit in and they wouldn't let them into the citizens gallery.

Working Group and Affinity Group reports - 20 min

-Conference call last night with over 100 people on the call from all over.
-organizing meeting Saturday at 2

-want to canvass more this weekend for the Occupy the Courts action

-our finances are on the forms and any feedback as to how often they should be posted is appreciated
-we need a procedure for internet card payment
-shirts are to be picked up Friday

-Meeting soon - TBA
-Movie night logistics are still to be worked out
-OG radio is up --> just need people to man it

-When on the forms posting, disregard the error message, your post will still post.
-Move to Amend facebook event for Occupy the Courts is up, please share it
-SE Convergence website is up -- share it!

-Special Food and Comfort GA WED THE 11TH
-Probably going to unplug the fridge in the shed - we aren't really using it
PROPOSAL: Reimburse the mansion for bill for the fridge - $50

PROPOSAL: Approval for funds for signs with the t-shirt logo on them - $40 for 8 of them to help dress up the tent

Piggy Break - 5 min

Open Discussion - 10 min

-Feb 12 Art Action on our 4 month anniversary
- we need to reach out to local residents of Bo Diddley Plaza
-Tent staffing needed! - Monday (all day) Thursday (am) Sunday (afternoon) saturday (afternoon)
-we should put out commercials

General Proposals - 10 min

PROPOSAL: There was a call from OWS to have a candlelight vigil at 7pm on his birthday. We should have one this Sunday (his birthday) at 7pm at his memorial (across the street from BDP). In order to do that we should move the GA to 5pm that night.

Friendly Amendment: Let's only consensus on having the vigil and talk about moving the GA on Friday when there are more people.

NEW PROPOSAL: OG has a candlelight vigil @ 7 pm on Sunday.

Open Floor - 10 min

Dr Bill Warrick will come speak to us.. when should he do it? How about Monday @ GA

Announcements - 5 min

-lets pick up some trash after GA!
-Monday @ GA seems like a good time for Dr. Warrick to come speak to us on the monetary system.


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