General Assembly Minutes 2012-01-15


Roles, respect check, donations, agenda – 5
Clean up, load up – 10
Announcements – 5
Working and affinity group reports and proposals – 15
Occupy Gainesville news – 10
Boo-ya-ccupy break – 5
Other Occupy news – 5
Open discussion – 10 (+5)
General proposals – 10
Open floor – 10
Announcements, appreciation – 5
Happy birthday, MLK
Total time: 95 minutes


Facilitator – Gary
Time keeper – Lars
Stack taker – Karin
Vibe checker – Karrie
Guide/greeter – Kenzie
Note taker – Walton


There is a Doodle link on the forums and Facebook for figuring out a time for the state-wide conference call. If you’d like to participate, please give us your input.

There will be a candlelight vigil tonight at the MLK garden in front of city hall.

Working and affinity group reports

SERCO, via Walton

A brief report from last night’s SERCO meeting was given. For full details, please see the notes posted in the SERCO Local forum on the website.

We intended to discuss the concerns revolving around SERCO’s group status, but there was a low turnout for tonight’s GA and we didn’t want to exclude anyone from the discussion. We are, however, considering posting group minutes to the SERCO website.

Move to Amend, via Karrie

January 20th is Occupy the Courts. Space has been saved for an Occupy speaker early in the lineup; this speaker will have 3 minutes to explain what Occupy Gainesville is all about and how we factor into the Occupy the Courts action. Consensus was reached that Kenzie will be our speaker, and anyone who wants to contribute to her speech is welcome to do so. Eduardo has graciously agreed to be our backup speaker.

Strategy, via Lars

The group met yesterday and had a very positive conversation. The group’s focus at the moment is on long term goals, and experimentation with motivating people to take political action.

Occupy Gainesville news

We had a few visitors at the tent today, and we got some donations.

We have a new batch of t-shirts. Some of them either have been or will be dropped off at Hear Again, and Denise has the rest. They’ll be available at the tent on 20 January.

We skipped break and moved right into
Other Occupy news

The social networking site Occupii is, apparently, bogus. OWS is still working on their network, Global Square, and it should debut later this month.

A group of Occupiers were kicked off a Greyhound bus and stranded in Texas. (This may have had to do with filming the driver while driving, which isn’t allowed.) The report was that they were kicked off because they were Occupiers. After some ruckus, they were allowed back on.

A few members of OG are hoping to tour other nearby Occupies. The first stop will be South Florida around the 21st or 22nd of this month, for a gathering of bankers and investors in Palm Beach. Other southeastern states are on the schedule for February.

Open discussion

Topic: Religion—as a motivator for political action; as a divisive institution (inspiring judgment on both sides)

Nancy shared her personal religious history, an experience with a Nigerian couple today at the tent, and reminds us that the 99% encompasses many different ways of thinking.

Karin: if Jesus existed, and he may have, then he was a badass radical activist who knew what it meant to stop talking and start doing.

Walton encouraged everyone to always think critically and creatively, and beware anything that obstructs that.

Lars, as an atheist, often feels isolated, and has considered joining a church for the community, but has conflicts of belief. If life is an accident of the universe, then the fact that it happened and the chances against should motivate us to work hard to make it worth it—the Cosmic Joke perspective.

General proposals


Open floor

Since we were on the topic of religion, Walton shared some thoughts on William Blake, and encouraged anyone who feels conflicted about organized religion and spirituality to consult his poetry and teachings. Karin twinkled.

Announcements and appreciation

20 January is Occupy the Courts, with Dr. Cornel West. There will be speakers, and music, and street theatre, and so many other awesome things that we can’t list them here—so you should just be there.

At 4:30 on the 20th, we’ll congregate at the plaza and either march or drive to Pugh Hall at UF for the West-Smiley presentation.

At 7PM tonight, we’ll hold a candlelight vigil for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., at the garden named in his honor in front of city hall.

Lars appreciates everyone for their participation and ongoing presence.

Karin appreciates dream-Lars, who told her that back in the day, “announcements and appreciation” was called “Boo-ya-ccupy”.

Occupy Hot Tubs affinity group may meet tonight—contact Karin if you’re interested.

Dr. King would have been 83 today. [Happy birthday, doctor—all hail the King.]


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