General Assembly Minutes 2012-02-07


Approve agenda – 5
Announcements – 5
News – 5
Groups – 10
General proposals and discussion – 15 (+10)
Shake it, don’t break it break – 10
Open floor, announcements, appreciation – 15


Facilitator – Spike
Stack taker – Ian
Guide/greeter – Ahren
Time keeper – Erin
Vibe checker – Erin
Note taker – Walton


12 February, 1 – 6 PM: Occupy With Art. All artists and art welcome; music and poetry jam at the Lunch Box; tents are ok, but no stakes. Art GA at 6:30, followed by a pub parade.

13 February, 5 – 6:30 PM: Occupy your Heart at the 13th St. Wal-Mart; bring your loving signs.

29 February: Shut Down the Corporations demonstration and education from 5 – 7 PM at the corner of 13th and University.


Spike noticed more, and less negative, mentions of Occupy on the evening news. Whistler noted that he hasn’t seen any mainstream media attention to the incident where a police officer was allegedly hit in the face with a brick.

An Occupy Orlando protester arrested in November went to court today and was not convicted of trespassing.

According to eye-witness reports, Geoff Mason was looking better on Saturday.

Working and affinity group reports and proposals

SERCO affinity group – Spike

At Sunday’s meeting, the group consented to use Stephen’s land for the event.

The group needs logistical assistance, both for preparing and executing the event.

Saturday, we’ll go out to Stephen’s and begin prepping the land. If you’re interested and want to help, come. If you’re coming, please let us know so we can coordinate.

We had our first Southeastern Regional conference call on Sunday, after he group meeting, and had some good interaction with non-OG occupiers. We’ll continue to have conference calls each Sunday at 8PM.

Internet working group – Karrie

Emails from O.C. Gaines are legitimate. Google+ requires accounts to have a person’s name.

General proposals and discussion

Proposal (withdrawn): only staffers and their invited guests can occupy the information booth; hanging out, and dropping off personal property, would be prohibited. This proposal pertains specifically to the inside of the booth, not the surrounding space.

The proposal was intended as an official empowerment of the booth staff to control the booth population and manage OG’s representation to the public. Staffers would be allowed to invite people in to assist with staffing, and also to ask someone to leave the booth if their behavior is unacceptable or disruptive.

It was suggested that this proposal be taken to the info booth affinity group, and a concrete set of guidelines established to clearly define acceptable booth behavior.

There was also concern about staffers ejecting people from the booth due to political/ideological disagreements and/or conflicts of personal traits.

Open floor, announcements, appreciation

[We tried an experimental section wherein people could speak as they do during open floor, as well as make announcements or appreciate someone/thing. It seemed to work well; open-floor type comments were exempt from direct response, but announcements could still be clarified and responded to.]

Move to Amend is requesting designees from supporting organizations (OG, Veterans for Peace, the Green Party) to form a steering committee. This committee would plan meetings, stay up to date on issues, and disseminate information to the larger group.

Doc appreciates everyone at OG, and our hospitality and kindness. He’s seen, at Occupy DC, many of the issues and conflicts we’re experiencing. He asks that we continue to respect one another’s individual positions, put aside our differences and our egos, and focus on the more important issues that brought us all together. He also suggested we start a mediation group.

8 February, 6 – 7 PM, there will be an Impact Florida meeting at 825 NW 13th St.

Occupy With Art will feature a potluck, if you’d like to bring a dish; otherwise, please cash mob the Lunch Box!

John F encouraged us to keep putting pressure on the banks. It’s good for morale, for visibility, for our cause, and keeps awareness up. We could demonstrate a couple times a week at different banks. He reminds us that our organization is larger than us as individuals, and its goals are important. Forgive the little things, celebrate working together, and do it more often.

Michelle suggested that we work to convince the city to transfer its money to local banks.

Whistler told us about an experiment he read about. A group of people were brought into a meeting room, but no structure was provided. They self-organized into small groups, and accomplished more than formal meetings are usually able to achieve.

Nancy appreciates OG really, really, really, really much.

Michelle feels that GAs are starting to get hung up in the little details; that’s not what we’re here to do, or what we want to be doing. She wishes everything felt good all the time. On that note, she’s looking for work, so if you know of any job openings, please let her know.

Michael encourages us to clean up litter when we see it; it benefits the community and the city in a variety of ways.

GAs the past few weeks have been giving Karrie bad vibes. She suggested we have some women-only GAs (which OWS has done before) as an experiment. She still plans on backing off a bit after F13, but will reemerge for F28. She’ll still be around online.


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