General Assembly Minutes 2012-02-14


Roles, agenda, respect, donations – 5
Welcome and consensus review – 5
Announcements – 5
Working and affinity group reports and proposals – 10
Open discussion – OG hopes and fears; radio interview – 15 (+10)
Valentine’s break – hugs and blown-kisses – 10
Open floor – 10
General proposals – [none]
OG and other news – 10
Announcements and appreciation – 5
Pack and ride

Total time: 85 minutes


Facilitator – Karin
Vibe checker – Lars
Time keeper – John B
Greeter/guide – Damia
Stack taker – Michelle
Notes – Walton

We welcomed Iceberg, and Tommy and Kay from Charlottesville

Tommy gave our consensus review


The Guerilla Gardening affinity group will meet Thursday night after GA

Working and affinity group reports and proposals

SERCO affinity group – Lars

The group visited the land on Saturday to collect firewood and make a fire pit. The group will head back this weekend, and some will be camping from the 23 – 25.

The site has a new menu link for “calls” [ ]. There’s a link to register for the calls.

The next SERCO conference call is scheduled for Monday, 20 February, at 6 PM.

Direct action working group – Kenzie

On 13 Feb, the group Occupied the Heart at the Wal-Mart on 13th. They held signs and passed out flyers.

The next DA meeting is Monday at 8 PM.

Donations – Denise

We currently have $2600 in an account at the credit union.

Process working group – Tommy

Proposal (passes): the process GA is moved to Thursday (due to a conflict with the Occupy Florida conference call on Wednesday). We’ll talk about our process and structure, and discuss new avenues and options.

Open discussion – OG hopes and fears; radio interview

OG hopes and fears

John B:
-greatest hope is that we can work together as a community to create a better world, finding new avenues for a better system; that we can bypass the current system by developing a process for mutual aid (a positive aspect of anarchy) and use that as a basis for our new civilization; interested in an affinity group to create a skills list and put people in touch with one another
-fears that we’ll get stuck on what’s wrong instead of finding solutions and developing a positive image of a new society.

-fears that if he scales back his involvement, others will take that as a sign to do the same

-hopes that we can maintain our community and bridge other isolated communities within Gainesville; if we stand with them all, they will stand with us and each other

-hopes we can create a sustainable community that grows its own food and maintains its own space (work for ourselves, and not the man); that we can convince the city to move funds to the credit union
-fears that we won’t get big enough or we’ll burn ourselves out too early

-hopes the community continues to grow, to do good work, and educate others on reality
-fears that money will become our Achilles’ heel, that we’ll come unglued over distribution of large sums of funds

-hopes that we’ll develop long-term projects to grow and cause change (sustainable gardening, community projects, foreclosure activism)
-fears that we’ll fizzle out

-fears losing sight of global issues when we become too focused on our local issues

-hopes we can eliminate the Federal Reserve; without that, all other issues are moot

Radio interview

89.1 FM is requesting a phone interview. The contact phone number is posted in the Facebook group page.

Lars: likes the possibility to introduce the consensus process and de-hierarchized organization to a wider audience

Ahren: call ahead to radio station and let them know what we’d like to address in the interview; and scout the interview, find out what they’ll be asking us about

John B: we’ve had success in the past with sending multiple participants, instead of just one, to deliver a more well-rounded message (such as when OGers went to a UF sociology class, and when a group of us attended the Quaker meeting)

Tommy: get an idea of what the interviewer will ask, bring a list of topics to GA so we can decide how to best answer

Open floor

Kali: if you can set aside a couple hours each month, please put your name in with the city for an opening on the board of the local housing authority, which is corrupt and needs people who’ll help set things right. All you need to do is go to the city website, click the link that says “boards and committees”, and fill in the one-page application.

John B: encourages everyone to sign up for the SERCO conference calls; they are a fun, positive experience that gives you the opportunity to interact with new people.

Ahren: quiet time together is healthy

Whistler: encourages everyone to think about money [see “Open Discussion”] and how we would deal with spending large quantities of it. Suggests considering putting large sums in the hands of an outside “trust holder”.

Spike: happy to see everyone, glad she came to GA tonight; this community is home, even on days when she doesn’t feel like coming.

Michelle: happy Valentine’s day?

Iceberg told a joke: “Capitalism is the notion that the nastiest of people doing things for the nastiest of reasons can somehow benefit the rest of us.”

OG and other news

John B: encourages everyone to consider taking shifts at the booth; it’s a great opportunity to interact with new people, spread love, contribute to the community.
We need someone to staff the booth on Thursday, from 1:30 – 6:30 PM.

Announcements and appreciation

The Occupy Florida conference call is tomorrow evening at 8PM. You can sign up at, and find the call under “Upcoming Calls” [or you can just follow this link: ]; InterOccupy sends out reminders of each calls, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting when it is.

Michelle appreciates the chicken and the almond and “you guys” and “this notebook” (it’s pretty)

John B appreciates everyone individually; nothing is more important than improving our relationships; the key to being happy and fulfilled

Direct Action will meet Monday at 8PM at the plaza


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