General Assembly Minutes 2012-02-17


Facilitator – everyone
Stack – everyone
Vibes – everyone
Greeter/guide – Albion, Nattie
Notes – Walton


RRAD (roles, respect, agenda, donations) – 5
Pet dogs – ongoing
Discuss things – 15
Groups reports, proposals – 10
Propose things – 5
Talk about things – 15
Announce and appresh – 5
Ride a leopard to White Castle

Discuss things

Minimizing interpersonal conflict

- speak in the first person; refrain from speaking for the group, or moralizing/philosophizing on everyone’s behalf


- at Occupy New Orleans, for example, quorum is set at 13
- OG, on the other hand, trusts that whoever shows up to GA has democracy’s best interests at heart


- US does not officially observe a holiday named for or dedicated to a woman/women; dedicate a GA to a women’s rights leader/activist
- women’s fishbowl discussion at GA – men sit in an outer circle and listen to the discussion on women’s issues; intro, fishbowl, conclude and discuss
- all-women’s GA – ditto, but for an entire GA
- progressive stack: two females must speak before a male is able to speak
- develop an ongoing structure to address women’s issues at GAs; use this as a model for addressing other types and forms of oppression
- comingle women’s issues with other topics to draw people out


Food sovereignty affinity group

Will meet next Wednesday to decide on regular meeting dates and times

SERCO affinity group

Tasks for Saturday: mark areas and stations, property boundaries, harvest more firewood and clear more ground for camping

Propose things

Proposal (withdrawn): remove general proposals from the schedule; anyone with a proposal should bring it to the appropriate working group for full development

Discussion ideas
- Post general proposals in the forums so everyone can look at them beforehand
- Ask/suggest that general proposals submitted in writing before the GA

Talking about things

Monday, 20 Feb, is the next court date for Occupiers arrested on Veterans’ Day. Please come to the courthouse and support them. Sunday: a press release will be proposed for approval.

A storefront is available on University avenue; a one-bedroom apt. is included; anyone interested in inhabiting it can trade remodeling labor instead of paying cash

- appreciates Lisa for all her work on videos and pictures
- stepping down from media team, but still supports us

- appreciates Emerson for being at the process meeting
- appreciates everyone for doing all the roles tonight at GA
- appreciates Albi, Nattie, and Debbie for being her and being on the agenda

Lars feels spoiled by how awesome our process is


Hi Tracy - can't really help

Hi Tracy - can't really help bceause I am only just really getting started and don't have much to keep track of. But I am interested to read how others cope though!I am careful to keep track of all expenses and income on a proper 'spreadsheet' for the taxman! At the moment this also acts as a record any paintings sold (but not exhibitions or deadlines, etc., of course). I think your ledger and wall chart sound the best idea ... I think that is what I would opt for if I had the volume of work and events to keep track of that you do. I certainly would hesitate to have it all on a computer programme. Purely bceause of the risk of losing it all! (I have lost data on two occasions ... once when a power surge knocked out my motherboard, and once when I inadvertenly deleted a major folder, - both events were pretty heartbreaking).Good luck with your current work programme, anyway

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