General Assembly Minutes 2012-02-19


Facilitator – Lars and Denise
Stack – John F
Vibes – Ilene
Time – John B
Greeter/guide – Karin
Notes – Walton


RRAD (roles, respect, agenda, donations) – 5
Welcome, consensus review – 5
Announcements – 5
Groups – 10 (+10)
Open discussion – tomorrow’s court event – 15
Open floor – 10
General proposals – [none]
News – 10
Announcements, appreciation – 5
Roll out

We welcomed Abbie from Occupy Atlanta

Lars gave our consensus review


- 9 AM: Occupy Room 1A, at the county courthouse on S. Main, in support of arrestees at the 11-11-11 action. Probably won’t commence at exactly 9, so bring a sandwich and a magazine. (The magazine is to sit on.)
- 6 PM: SERCO conference call, at Karin’s
- 8 PM: Direct Action meeting; meet at BDP, then to our conference hall at the Sun Center


Beagle affinity group – Lars

Proposal (passes): text for a press release for tomorrow’s court action:

Tomorrow, at 9 am at the downtown courthouse, Occupy Gainesville will be showing solidarity with participants who were arrested last November 11, 2011 in the Bo Diddley Community Plaza.

"We are passionate about helping to facilitate public discourse. Whatever the justification given, by making public assembly -- in allegedly public space -- an illegal activity during certain hours of the day, our city effectively places a limitation on public discourse," said Occupy Gainesville participant Karin Lightstone.

Occupy Gainesville commemorated Veterans Day with a day of workshops, music, meditation, and a potluck open to the public.

"All of these people were gathered in a public space and were exercising their first amendment rights Their arrests violated these constitutional rights and so the cases should be thrown out immediately!" said Occupy Gainesville participant Ahren Tsacios.

The group began on 12 October 2011, with the goal of fostering grassroots participatory democracy, transforming community social values, and seeking economic and environmental justice at the local, national, and global levels.

[message ends]

Women’s affinity group – Karrie

Proposal (passes): on 8 March, in honor of International Women’s Day, OG will host an all-women fishbowl GA. Men are welcome to attend, but will be asked to remain on the periphery and listen. The GA will focus on women’s activist issues in OG. There will either be a concluding discussion at the end, when men will be allowed to participate, or the discussion may be held until a later GA.

Koppers affinity group – Karrie

A lady in the superfund area is being evicted. A grandmother of 5, she’s lived there for six years, wasn’t told it was a superfund area when she bought her home, now has cancer and heart problems. She filed for bankruptcy, and her home was supposedly protected, but Bank of America lawyers sent her notice that her property is to be sold at the courthouse on 8 March.

SERCO affinity group – Karin

-A friend on Facebook was independently informed about SERCO; news is circulating
-We’ve established some workshops to host
-The group this weekend designated some spaces at the land, and tested the fire pit
-Cindy Milstein will be hosting a workshop
-The group is still working on logistics and food

Open discussion: tomorrow’s court event

According to Geoff (via Ilene), tomorrow is a “placing on [the] calendar day” for about 22 of the people arrested on 11-11-11; nothing much happens. But it’s an opportunity to show our presence and get a word into the public discourse regarding the plaza closing time. Wear your OG shirts, wave signs and chant outside, but be polite and pleasant inside (that means no mic checking). Support the OGers, and support Geoff while he’s doing his lawyery business.

Open floor: 8 March superfund home auction

We can take action by disrupting the auction with informational flyers (let potential bidders know they’re buying toxic land) and signs. This event touches on many issues OG is involved in (corporate greed, ecology, etc.) Some other Occupations, like Occupy Atlanta, have successfully stalled and even closed down foreclosure auctions in the past, and saved people’s homes. Other homes will also be auctioned; Karrie will have more details soon. The victim was not given proper 30-day public notice, and has asked for OG’s help. Karrie and Mary will be publicizing this in the Iguana.


Occupy Atlanta is still camped in front of the AT&T building. They also held a rally to promote women’s health.

Announcements, appreciation

John B suggested that we set a firm meeting time for GAs and stick to it.

Abbie appreciates everyone at OG for being so welcoming.

Koppers superfund actions
-1 March: open comment at city hall, at 5:30; wear all black, in mourning for the sick and the deceased victims of the superfund
-2 March: protest at the Thomas Center at 4:30, against the traveling, tax-funded feel-good art show (ie, superfund propaganda roadshow). There will be signs, protest art, chalk, and Miss Koppers.


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