General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-02


RRAD – 5
Welcome, consensus review – 5
Announcements – 5
Groups – 10
Open discussion – 10 (+5)
Spring break break – 5
General proposals – 10
Open floor – 5
Announcements – 5
Peace out - ∞


Facilitator – Walton
Stack – Spike
Time – Gary
Greeter/guide – Denise
Vibes – Michelle
Notes – Walton

Kenzie gave our respect check

We welcomed Gene

Karin gave our consensus review


Gary: Three Rivers Legal Services, UF, Jackson Area Legal Aid Society are in for a foreclosure education event; Shimberg Center for Affordable Housing will sponsor.

Michelle is moving, and all the shed contents got moved to John’s; if anyone has some extra room and are willing to help with storage, please talk to Michelle or John F.


Strategy working group – Karin

Next meeting: Monday, 12 March, 6 PM.

Info booth affinity group – Michelle

Discussion: information / literature made available at the library table; see Open Discussion, below (same topic)

SERCO affinity group – Karin, Spike

Coral has made contact with the Miccasukee tribe, and spoke with a chickee master; he floated the possibility building chickee huts for SERCO. He also conveyed an offer for an alternative location for SERCO.

Saturday is another workday at the current site.

Open discussion

3rd-party information at the table

- relative merits of constructive vs. speculative materials
- what’s on the table implicitly represents Occupy
- not allowing something onto the table censors freedom of speech
- booth staff can qualify and categorize the material; some things certain members are interested in, other things are core convictions of the movement
- some questions on how we measure relevance to the movement
- latitude to represent members of the 99%

Suggestion: hold a library GA to sort through our material, refine and economize it

General proposals

These proposals passed with the following caveats:
- the library table should display a disclaimer along the lines of: “Occupy Gainesville supports free speech, and these materials cover some topics that members are interested in and passionate about; they do not represent the beliefs of the movement or all of its members.”
- booth attendants can display materials at their own discretion, and can qualify the materials displayed

Proposal (passes): the info booth will maintain free copies of “Loose Change”, 2nd edition, and “9/11 Mysteries” DVDs.

Proposal (passes): the info booth will also make available an informational pamphlet about Leonard Peltier and the campaign to free him from wrongful imprisonment.

Open floor

John: hopeful news – resignations of many bankers, CEOs, political figures, financial businessmen. Latest count: 109 bankers resigned worldwide, under pressure from the White Hats. Not being covered by mainstream media.

Michelle needs help moving; she’d really appreciate it. Thanks to everyone who gave her a bunch of awesome housing options.

Denise: just wanted to talk during open floor. Appreciates the space, even though she doesn’t usually speak. Happy Friday, and springtime.


Michelle appreciates Karin for buying Wafflehouse on the road trip, and for having a cute dog.

Karin appreciates Michelle for being awesome and cutting her hair today; and Gene for showing up and working with our process.

Dan appreciates everyone for being here and doing this.