General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-04


Facilitator – Cai/Kai
Stack – everyone
Notes – Walton


Open discussion
Open floor
Announcements, appreciation


BDP weekend update (via Chris)
- Friday night – 2 random fights
- Last night – cold and bitter weather, but the morning was not only dry but delicious; Karrie came to say good morning and bring a tarp, and Kristen brought coffee and donuts

Mary went to Cinema Verde for “While We Watch”, a documentary about Occupy media, and “Mad City Chickens” about urban chicken farming. She’s going to see about setting up a screening of the latter at the CMC.

“Loose Change” second edition and “9/11” mysteries were delivered to the tent today.

The Food Sovereignty group met at Elizabeth’s today and had some gardening fun. Lisa will post some videos. Keep your eyes and ears open for info about the next meeting so you can come have gardening fun too.

Cody’s fantastic article about Occupy was published in the most recent issue of “The Fine Print”. Grab a copy from the box at the plaza.

GA’s location was moved earlier this week with notification. Please make sure that the booth and, if possible, the internet team is notified of other locations so that anyone who is interested can be directed to the meeting.


SERCO – Walton

This weekend, we cleared some trails and gathered a bunch of firewood. The bridge is fixed. Stephen and Walton will collaborate via email on land agreements and an accurate map.

We had the idea of hanging effigies from some trees on the property. If anyone is interested in working on these decorations, please get in touch with the group.

Spike will send the budget items to Lisa to work on.

The OG first aid kit includes band-aids, alcohol, and peroxide. We’ll need ace bandages, ice packs, ibuprofen, and antibiotic ointment. Daniel suggested just picking up a Red Cross approved first aid kit.

We need to make some decisions regarding tshirts.

Internet – Karrie

The Facebook community page is now in the timeline format. This includes some new features:
- the admins can now receive private messages
- the new format is opener, making spam more elusive

We now have a Google number.

The aircard will be reactivated this week.

Media- Chris

Special thanks to Lisa for recording, editing, and posting videos. The video of our ALEC action is now up.

Chris is currently on hiatus, but hopes to return to the team soon.

Tonight’s open discussion was about foreclosures. Lots of big, legal-sounding words were used. Gary is organizing an educational workshop; he hopes to have the details finalized by the end of this week.

Open floor

It’s cold.

Food and comfort members are feeling frustrated with food preparation and low GA attendance.

Announcements and appreciation

Lisa appreciates Michelle for hosting meetings around her fire pit and getting us all out of the cold. She also appreciates everyone here. And not here.

Daniel appreciates us for being her, and encourages us that we have lots of support, watchers who are waiting for their time to step in.

Ed, Karrie, Chris also appreciate everyone here tonight.

Karrie appreciates Daniel’s flower. She also reminds us that 8 March is the women’s GA; men are most welcome to come, with the understanding that they’ll be asked just to listen.

Chris appreciates Mary for providing food and comfort, and Ed for working hard.

Kai generally appreciates everyone.

Lisa appreciates everyone who was at the food sovereignty meeting today.

Kai and Ed appreciate each other for their journey yesterday.