General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-13


Welcome, consensus review
OG News
Discussion: SERCO
Discussion: Identifying overnight Occupiers, and overnight infrastructure
Discussion: Occupy Gainesville Open Discussion Facebook group page
Announcements, appreciation


Facilitator – Ilene
Stack – Karin
Vibes – Spike
Greeter/guide – Gary
Notes – Walton
Time – Gary too

Albi and Lars gave our respect check

Spike gave our consensus review


Around 11:00 PM last night, the police started turning people out of the plaza, as a result of a fight that occurred earlier in the evening. Our visiting Occupier Brendan fired up Ustream, and Chris contacted Karrie and Geoff. When asked if the Occupiers were also being ousted, the police replied that they didn’t know OG was still present at the plaza. In the end, OG overnighters and plaza residents occupied the sidewalk without further incident.


Mark got the OK from Stephen to set up the contradance tent for SERCO, but needs to do a test-run of setting it up. We’ll need volunteers for this run-through, and for setting the tent up next Thursday at the site.

Michelle got us prices on porta-potties, and posted her findings on Facebook.

Stephen asked the VFP for security help, and a few vets volunteered to be watchers and assist with helping attendees park their vehicles.

Tshirts will be ready on the afternoon of the 22nd. OG loaned SERCO the funds via consensus on Friday 16 March.

The shower is half made.

The tasks board is still being figured out. The first draft of our tasks list, and our event wish list, is available online.

A group will be going to John F’s to get supplies out of his shed; the time is still being negotiated.

Spike will be running errands this Friday, and working to get the infrastructure established this weekend.

We will have another work day at the land this weekend.

Proposal (passes): Tomorrow’s GA will be a SERCO affinity group GA (an OGSERCOAGGA)

Identifying overnight Occupiers, overnight infrastructure

Ideas for signifying overnighters, to show that we’re still Occupying:
- bandanas
- marked/colored blankets
- a sign
- a tarp with our logo stenciled on; could be used for bedding or hung as a banner
- spray paint on sheets

Overnight support and logistics
- resident community is self-policing
- need more volunteer sleepers, and cooperation between our communities
- suggested overnighter affinity group
- survival support; overnighters are stepping back because they’re living day-to-day
- facilitating watcher volunteering, training and coordinating watchers, suggested; also suggested to save it for a future time

Sub-discussion: generating interest
Loss of interest and enthusiasm is a systemic phenomenon in the Occupy movement, as is diversion and burnout. Volunteer for what inspires you, and try to be positive and inspiring to others. Maybe also re-invite old friends that you haven’t seen at OG in a while.

Occupy Gainesville Open Discussion Facebook group page

An OG participant started a page for general and political discussion. There was some support for such a forum, but some were uncomfortable with the group using the OG name without first getting GA consensus. The issue will be revisited at Friday’s DMGA. It was also suggested that this be initiated as an affinity group.

Anyone experiencing issues with online OG interactions is reminded that they can communicate directly with the admins via the moderation feedback forum on our site. If this direct interaction can’t solve the issue, it can be brought to a GA.

The admins would also love your help in moderating our various online spaces and managing our virtual presence. If you’re having trouble navigating these, Lars will help you sort things out; just email internet [at] , and address your message to him.

Announcements, appreciation

Chris appreciates Karrie, Geoff, and Brendan for their support during last night’s incident.

Revolution Truth and Demand Progress are working with the Carl Mayer Law Group to bring a lawsuit against the US government over the NDAA’s violation of basic civil rights. Plaintiffs include Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges, Icelandic Parliamentarian Birgitta Jonsdottir, and others.

Mary suggested we start timesharing, exchanging work based on time spent rather than the value of specific labors.

Michelle is working at the Midnite, and wants you to come visit her.

Lars appreciates tonight’s discussions as a testament to the work we’ve done and our ability to maintain respect for one another and our process.

Send Karrie some good vibes—her pinkie toe needs them.

We’ll be down two sleepers this weekend when Chris and Ed will be in St. Augustine.

Coral appreciates everyone for being.

Ed appreciates everyone who helps load and unload the booth from the truck each day, especially John F, who’s still not sick of doing it after 5 months.