General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-27


Stack – Karin
Facilitator – Tommy
Notes – Walton


Announcements – 5
SERCO report back – 10 (+5)
Help-John-sort-SERCO-stuff break
Trayvon solidarity – 10
Open floor – 5
Appreciation and Announcements – 5
Proposals – 10


Food Not Bombs will provide food at 3PM on 1 April in protest against the escalating crackdown on food sharing.

UF’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is planning another round of staff cuts. The graduate student union is planning a protest; Walton will find out the details for anyone interested in protesting in solidarity.

Some notes from SERCO

Ticks—they’re everywhere. Check yo’self if you were at SERCO this weekend.

The Florida General Assembly consented to forming a People’s Plan working group on Sunday, 25 March. This group will manage the People’s Plan (drafted by the first Florida General Assembly in Orlando in December ’11) by networking with Florida Occupations and drafting a unified version.

Lars is working on hand-written notes to presenters and major donators for supporting SERCO. This GA agreed to let him request contact information, draft the notes, and purchase SERCO shirts at cost to send them as gifts.

Jen prepared a statement (“The Man Who Would Not Cook Breakfast”) in response to certain events during the Womyn’s Circle on Sunday morning. Jen was approved to write and send this letter by the Florida General Assembly, where the incident, possible responses, and solutions were extensively discussed. She has decided not to send the letter until the minutes of this meeting are posted. As such, the transcription and posting of these minutes will be given priority.

The site has been cleaned and the restored to Stephen’s satisfaction.

Instead of disassembling the showers, they’re being transported to Gaia Grove.


Both the SERCO General Assembly (24 March) and the Florida General Assembly (25 March) approved the following statement on the murder of Trayvon Martin:

“The murder of Trayvon Martin illuminates the lack of accountability that exists in the very systems -- on a community, state, and federal level -- meant to protect us. We stand in solidarity with the people of Sanford, Florida, in condemning the actions of George Zimmerman and demanding justice for Trayvon Martin. This incident, along with many others, shows us how much work is needed to address unhealthy relationships in our communities, including issues of safety, institutionalized racism, and police oppression. For the benefit and future of the children of our communities, as participants in the Occupy movement, we commit to -- and invite others to commit with us in -- finding ways to help our communities become healthier, by emphasizing safety and accountability.”

We recognize that the problem in Sanford is a symptom of a larger systemic problem. Occupy Gainesville has formulated several possible courses of action to create a situation for dialogue and facilitate the conversation:
- invite UFPD and GPD to share the accountability policies on racism and community outreach with OG and the greater Gainesville community
- reach out to the faith community to discuss community relations and/or host a prayer meeting
- host a speak out (possibly in tandem with the dialogue with police)
- focus on community racism; one immediately outstanding issue is the death of a resident named Wine. Wine was riding his bike and purportedly swerved into the road, and was struck by a police cruiser; residents claim that they saw the cruiser swerve onto the sidewalk.
- form an anti-racism working group (see general proposals, below)

On the first Wednesday of every month, GPD Black on Black Crime task force meets. Some OGers expressed an interest in attending.

Announcements, appreciation

Rick Scott signed a law that allows “inspirational speeches” in all schools, opening the possibilities of normalized proselytizing and hate-speech.

The police were abuzz (and bothering the residents) in the plaza this weekend. They hassled Chris for being on the stage in preparation for rain on Saturday.

Lars appreciates the SERCO working group for a weekend of radical self-reliance and abundance in action.

Karin appreciates Walton for secretarying (almost) the entire weekend.

Ilene appreciates Lisa for videoing and streaming this weekend.

Everyone appreciates Stephen for hosting the event.

Tommy appreciates Lars, Karin, and company for their in-person recruiting efforts.

Stephen appreciates everyone for respecting the land; he can’t tell that anyone was even there.

Coral appreciates Lynn for her “Occupy Whiteness” workshop, and suggests we bring her to Gainesville.

Karin appreciates Karrie’s awesomeness at the dance party despite her broken toe.

Lisa appreciates Ed and Chris for lending their tent, donating food, and volunteering the camera.

John F appreciates the environment on this beautiful evening, and pointed out the major visible celestial bodies: Mars, Venus, Jupiter, the moon, and Earth.

Walton appreciates Chris and Ed for holding down the plaza this weekend and making sure everyone got to SERCO; and Lars for bringing in Cindy Milstein, whose workshop kicked ass.

Open Floor

Chris thanks Whistler for hooking her and Ed up with the truck, and Ed for working so hard to put a roof over their heads again. She looks forward to coming back full-force.

Coral appreciates Albi, our groovy little hippy dog who’s so cool all the time.

Lars got a call from Occupy Athens today to talk about one of the events scheduled for Philadelphia in July. This sort of connection and relationship is precisely what SERCO was intended to develop to help us communicate and move forward.

General proposals

Passed: OG is now the proud host of an Anti-Racism working group.

Passed: This Thursday’s GA will have an anti-racism focus.

Passed: Occupy Athens is awesome. (Don’t worry, other SER Occupations, we love you too.)