General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-01


RRAD – 5
Consensus review, welcome – 5
Announcements, news – 10
Discussion – 5
General proposals – [none]
Announcements, appreciation – 5
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Facilitator – Denise
Stack – Karin
Time – Mary
Vibes – Joel
G/G – Coral
Notes – Walton

Announcements, news

April is national poetry month.

28 April, in Tallahassee – United Against the War on Women demonstration. Anyone interested in carpooling?

The minutes from the Florida GA at SERCO on 25 March are available at

The Womyn’s Affinity Group will meet at 9:30 PM on Thursday at a private location.

The Direct Action working group will meet Monday evening at 6:30 PM at the Sun Center.


At Friday’s march for Trayvon, Dove Outreach staged a counter-protest and disrupted the speak-out. At Saturday’s march, OG used banners to block them out. (They were previously disallowed from entering the plaza; the Pride Center may be able to tell us more.)

Some ideas for handling disruption:
- chants, especially ones with themes or ideas they disagree with
- prevent them from getting publicity (ie, the banner)
- humor: clown hats, noisemakers

Announcements, appreciation

Today was the first of Food Not Bombs Sunday feedings on the plaza. There were good spirits and lots of food.

We appreciated Mary for dinner.

Joel appreciated SERCO.

The SERCO event page on FB is now for the 2013 event.