General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-06


Algebraic modification of DMGA days
May Day
Low attendance (or, Where-the-hell-is-everybody?)
General discussion
Division in OG


All roles (except notes) – everyone (except Walton)

Decision-making GA schedule

Proposal: decision-making GAs will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and we will make a concerted effort to start at 6:30. Passes

May Day

Various labor organizations are organizing the event at the plaza. There will be a march from the corner of University and 13th to the plaza at 4:30, and there will be a rally at each end. Occupy Gainesville will outreach at the event.

Occupy Gainesville has been asked to provide a speaker.

Proposal: Occupy Gainesville officially endorses this event. Passes

Low attendance

Some thoughts on low attendance:
- frustration, boredom with slow results
- Occupy introduced participants to other things, and energy is currently devoted to other causes and activisms
- general trend in groups of 20% retention rates

Some suggestions for coping with, and growing, low numbers:
- focus on the work, not attendance
- have fun, and others will join in
- host a reunion (possible dates: May Day, Cinco de Mayo, 12 May [OG 7-month anniversary])
- hold daytime events
- prepare for the tipping point (Lars put it much more eloquently, you should ask him about it)

Division in OG

You kinda had to be there.

The general sentiment seemed to be that, if you are experiencing a conflict with one or more others, we encourage you to communicate with she/he/them and work to resolve the problem.


Sunday’s GA is cancelled.

The bike affinity group will meet on 7 April, at 2PM, in the plaza.

The Zombie Brunch affinity group will meet on Sunday, at 11:59 AM, in the plaza, and then proceed to a quality local restaurant.