General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-10


Facilitator – Karin
Vibes – Karrie
Greeter/guide – Whistler
Stack – Dan
Notes – Walton


Roles, respect, agenda, donations
Welcome, consensus review
Announcements, news
Discussion: M12
Kairos tour

We welcomed Shawn, Cindy, and Avi


Ca$hmob at the downtown Farmer’s Market Wednesday night

7:30 PM, Maudes – May Day planning
9 PM, Maudes – Flowers in Their Hair (anti-rape-culture) meeting

Thursday’s anti-racism meeting is being moved due to the new DMGA schedule

The Radical Cheerleaders are rehearsing for May Day action. Their next meeting is Thursday, 10 PM, at Amber’s. Everyone’s welcome and encouraged to join the squad.

May Day
- 4:30 PM, meet at the corner of University and 13th for a rally and a march to the plaza
- 6 – 9 PM at BDP: live music, food (courtesy Food Not Bombs), kid’s corner, a pig piñata, and maybe even a May pole
- posters are available on the Facebook page,

The Info Booth will probably be moving from the street corner into the shade of the nearest tree.

Bread and Roses Women’s Health Clinic has asked for volunteers to escort for patients


At the last GA, we discussed hosting an event on OG’s 7-month anniversary, tentatively called “7 Ways to Change the World”. We hope to offer a variety of activities on topics like ecology and environmentalism, alternative transportation (in honor of bike safety month), and other topics devoted to changing our world for the better. We hope to include the labor groups organizing May Day, and also to make this event an OG reunion, to revitalize public interest in Occupy. Since it will be hot, we’re considering starting in the afternoon; that evening will be a DMGA.

- hang the testimonial napkins and the SERCO commitment cards (from the Occupying Whiteness workshop)
- see if Food Not Bombs can provide food

Kairos Tour

Thursday, 7 – 9 PM, at the CMC, the Kairos Tour ( will be holding a facilitated discussion on self-organizing communities—what they are, the key components, and obstacles they must overcome—with a focus on individual community dynamics. The first part will focus on real (rather than virtual) communities as a system of organisms occupying the same area. The second part will center on how empowered communities can protect their land base through direct action.

The Kairos Tour spun out of Occupy Jacksonville, as a response to the difficulties in group decision making and cooperation. Affinity groups de-branded consensus decision-making and began using it to organize neighborhoods. They have had success in developing abandoned properties into off-grid, sustainable commons.