General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-14

GA 4/14/12

Facilitator – Everyone
Vibes – Everyone
Greeter/guide – Everyone
Stack – Everyone
Mental Note Taker – Karrie

No agenda, open discussion

Report from Anette on the Direct Action Training that took place at the Gainesville downtown library. They are planing a 99% Spring Direct Action on Tuesday April 17th (Tax Day) from 9am to 1pm at the Wells Fargo Bank on Main St.. Everyone is welcome to come. Some people in Occupy Gainesville said they would come and hand out some of our "Move Your Money" Flyer out at the action that day.

Dana from Occupy Dayton stopped by to GA tonight . She was in town and express that "Occupy Gainesville has it going on, that we are awesome"

Annette would like to get $200.00 from Occupy Gainesville funds to have Scott Camill produce us Occupy Gainesville button to have at our welcome both for donations, Scott charges Occupy Gainesville $0.20 a button to make them for us.
Consensus reached

M12 OG’s 7-month anniversary “7 Ways to Change the World”
At the 2012-04-10 GA we discussed hosting an event on OG’s 7-month anniversary, Theme: “7 Ways to Change the World”. We hope to offer a variety of activities on topics like ecology and environmentalism, alternative transportation (in honor of bike safety month), radical awareness and racial awareness and other topics devoted to changing our world for the better. We hope to include the labor groups organizing May Day, local churches/ temples and other progressive groups, and also to make this event an OG reunion, to revitalize public interest in Occupy. Since it will be hot, we’re considering starting in the afternoon; 2pm to 7pm and that evening will be a DMGA. We spoke about looking in plaza permit and cost, having live music and make the poster and flyers an invite format to invite everyone to the event to tell us what " 7 ways they would change the world" to hear from a verity of people, that would include a speak out that day. Some said maybe have kiddie pools to keep people cool during the event in the Florida heat, decorate the plaza with colorful paper chains, food and maybe a cake.
Consensus reached