General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-17


Discussion: 12 May planning
Open floor


Rick Scott vetoed funding for Rape Crisis Services.

Tomorrow, at 6:00 PM in Turlington plaza at UF, various organizations will host a Take Back the Night rally and speak out against rape and sexual violence.

May Day is in two weeks. There will be a rally at the corner of 13th and University at 4:30 PM, followed by a march to the plaza, with festivities running from 6 – 9 PM.

Yesterday, protesters formed a human chain around the computer sciences building at UF in response to the elimination of the graduate and research programs in the Computer and Information Sciences and Engineering department. Protests continued today with a sit-in today.

A group demonstrated today (tax day) at Wells Fargo, protesting the fact that they had to pay taxes while Wells Fargo (and others) did not.

Discussion: 12 May planning

There has been no response from GPD regarding a plaza permit; Nancy will try in-person and report back on Thursday.

We’re leaning toward calling the event “7 Ways to Change Our World”, to foster inclusion and embrace a range of scopes from local to global.

Suggestions for events:
- a presentation on mountain top removal
- Rockupy in the evening (electric if we have a permit, otherwise unplugged)
- invite Anthony Ellis McDaniel to perform

Possible activities:
- kiddie pools to beat the heat
- art center, with supplies provided by the Repurpose Project
- Occupy the Courts skit about corporate personhood
- provide a roll of butcher paper and markers so that participants can write seven things they learned that will help them change their world

We hope to promote this event on May Day.

We also hope to make this event a reunion for OG participants. Invite everyone you know who’s ever been to a GA!

A poster is forthcoming.

Open floor

Dwayne: to achieve change, we must be willing to compromise and we must accept criticism (thoughtfully, not defensively)

Tommy: considering starting a nonprofit work collective

Coral: we need some R&R; who’s down for a trip to Ginnie Springs? We’re going to start a donations pot to raise some funds.


There was some love for the note taker. [Thanks y’all.]