General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-24


Announcements, news – 5
Discussion: the info booth/tent/canopy – 10 (+25)
Discussion: May Day – 10 (+2)
Discussion: GA schedule – 10 (+5)
Announcements, appreciation – 5


Are you looking for something you lost or volunteered to OG or SERCO? You should talk to John F—he’s got a whole bunch of unclaimed stuff.

We have a bunch of anti-GMO warning stickers, and more can be printed. Anyone interested in a stickering affinity group?

The Alachua County Choices petition is just short of the signature goal. Nancy will try to get a deadline extension.

Call to affinity groups: let’s have some meetings!

The corporate puppet is in John F’s garage. It needs some fixing before it is useable again.

The info booth/tent/canopy

On 17 May, John F. is retiring as custodian of the tent and on-site items. This prompted us to discuss the future of our on-site Occupation of the plaza.

One suggestion was to go minimal: obtain a garage-style tent (possibly made from repurposed materials) with a couple tables and only one or two bins. This setup would be easily moveable, and could be managed by a single person. This setup (or multiple versions of it) would allow us to occupy multiple locations and begin working as a decentralized Occupation. This also incurs the problem of getting the tent and supplies handed off to each subsequent staffer.

The Lunchbox’s offer to store stuff for us still stands. One idea is to obtain/build a rolling locker to store the tent and bins.

There is a strong desire amongst the info booth affinity group to maintain our presence and visibility in the community, but there was also a sentiment that we need to evaluate this strategy and its ends.

May Day

There was some discussion of a May Day GA (that is, an OGMDDMGA) before or after the rally. No conclusions or decisions were reached. One suggestion was to hold an ad hoc brainstorming session for a GA at another time; another was to host a consensus review / process expo for anyone interested in getting involved.

May Day will be a good opportunity for us to network with new people. Think about the important points and information you’d like to be able to provide to fresh faces.

Carry a healthy supply of our OG business cards. (Lars currently has them.)

We approved Tommy as our OG May Day speaker. He is collaborating with Michelle and Kenzie on his speech.

GA schedule

Attendance at DMGAs has been rather low recently. We hope that this will improve after May Day, but we discussed scaling back our DMGAs. A complementary suggestion was to establish a concrete schedule for affinity group GAs.


Tommy appreciates Karrie for all her May Day work.

Coral appreciates Whistler and Jen for providing our meal tonight.

Karin appreciates Joel for hanging with us and staffing our tent; we all wish him a fond farewell and the best of luck in California.

John F appreciates everyone for being at the GA tonight, and encourages us to recommit to our group efforts.