General Assembly Minutes 2012-05-11

Roles, Welcome
Consensus review – 5
News – 5 (+3)
Announcements – 5
Group reports – 5 (+7)
Open discussion – 30 (+20)
Proposals – none
Open floor – 10
Appreciation and announcements – 5

Facilitator – Tommy
Stack – Nancy
Time – Zot
G/G – John B
Vibes – Ilene
Notes – Walton

Welcome, Toast.

Consensus review – pretty much everyone

Respect check – Tommy, Karin

and now the News

Some members of Move to Amend attended Tuesday’s city commission meeting. They were well received, and the participants say they feel like it’s gathering momentum.

Zot reported from her shift at the booth on Thursday. Officer Brian stopped to say “hi” and talk about the events of the past few weeks. A couple weeks ago, several OG participants peacefully occupied the sidewalks near the plaza in protest of selective enforcement and the unlawful eviction of our friends without rooves. Last week, after May Day, officers reportedly made the rounds at the plaza, asking who was an Occupier. According to OGers present, anyone who answered that they weren’t with OG were told they had to leave the area. Officer Brian told Zot that the officers were only asking non-Occupiers to identify themselves so that they could be helpful and make sure that no one accidentally violated plaza rules. He even offered to bring a copy of the fabled map, which clearly shows the park boundaries, that we can copy some more and distribute to plaza residents. GPD is all about education. “You got it, Officer Brian.”

The May Day organizing committee met yesterday and discussed ideas for next year. They also arranged to begin holding regular meetings (the second Wednesday of each month, 7:30PM at Maude’s) for the activist community.

The housing collective affinity group is making progress on choosing a house and exploring avenues for funding. They believe that the project will begin in about six months to a year.


The next Rockupy concert will be held on Saturday at 9PM at the Midnight. It will feature an all-woman lineup with Dirty Fist, Kathleen Kennedy, and In Solidarity.

The next city commission meeting is at 5:30 on the 22nd. Move to Amend is seeking participants to speak about their organization and the campaign against Citizens United. If you’re interested, see Nancy, or just show up.

Group reports

Zot, library working group

Zot reviewed the our stock of flyers; a list of needed copies will be posted to Facebook this weekend.

Gary, strategy

Gary received some emails that appeared to be directed to other members of the strategy group, and wanted to mention it to be safe.

Walton, secretarial

Coming soon: SERCO minutes and workshop notes, featuring fulltext transcriptions of presentations from Cindy Milstein and Bobbie Billy.

Lisa, media

The media team is looking for new (or old) members. Early videos of OG are currently on individual Livestream and Ustream accounts; Lisa is working on getting them transferred. Occupy Tampa is experimenting with local cable broadcasting. We could do something similar, or other projects, but first the team needs volunteers.

Open discussion: bitterness, disenfranchisement, and the future of OG

Some key conclusions of our discussion:
- it’s easy to make assumptions about another person’s words, especially on the internet. The best way to talk to someone and work out problems is in person.
- it’s important to make sure meeting details (where, when, what, etc.) are shared; but it’s also important to keep an ear open, ask around, and watch for posts online
- if you want to do something, start a new group, publicize it, bottom-line it, hold a meeting, take it from there

In order to maintain a regular, persistent presence in the plaza, we need to rethink our current info booth. Tonight’s GA seemed to lean toward taking the Lunch Box up on its offer to provide us with some space for storage. We’re contemplating a box or locker, big enough that we could also offer the restaurant some storage space as well. The emphasis was on mobility and manageability by one staffer. We’ll revisit this topic on Saturday.

Suggestion: move GA time back to beat the summer heat. We’ll also revisit this on Saturday.

Appreciation and announcements

Tommy and Lisa both appreciates everyone at tonight’s GA.
Ilene appreciates that we’re all still here.
Walton appreciates this retro GA.
Lars appreciates Nancy—happy birthday, Nancy!
Nancy appreciates Occupy and all of us.
Karin appreciates our diligent process-following tonight.
Zot loves us all and seconds all appreciations.
Natalie appreciates chicken bones and multh.

Gary is starting a baking affinity group. Details TBA.