General Assembly Minutes 2012-06-02

Open discussion

Stack - Tommy
Notes - Annette

A new improved InfoBooth comes closer to reality. Tommy B - costs and design limitations to building our own. Whistler - spoke of many commercially available options. Discussion all around.
Proposal passed - Purchase a lighter, easier, durable canopy ( and maybe 2 chairs) for $200 or less, preferably from a local small business.
Annette and Gary will go shopping. The Zen Center has offered storage. A supporter named Dave, from Vets for Peace has offered to transport if needed.

John F - May have to dismember the somewhat raggedy Corporate Man puppet, as he can't continue to store it. Tommy B - we can always make another one next year. Christine - we could have a Burning Corporate Man party with BYO marshmallows. Nancy - can use her jungle-like yard for the possible event.

Tommy B - suggests we build an email list for people wishing notices of direct actions. CC - pointed out some security issues we should keep in mind. Data could be kept in a Listserve.

Mary B - would like to see an event promoting Peace in the Fall challenging everyone to imagine our society without war or war funding.
Christine - also likes national days of action. Ed - direct actions with elements of fun attract more people.

Mary B - Juneteenth celebration is June 16th at Library Branch/Community Center at NE 16th Ave. Could OG be supportive? Up Twinkles all around.
Nancy - there is much we could learn from the black community about activism.

Christine - Many of the homeless here in our plaza are minorities and have need of our support also.
Related issues discussed were lack of safety, selective law enforcement and our recent successful interventions between the homeless and GPD.
Toast - an urgent problem for the homeless and working poor is the difficulty in obtaining updated photo IDs.
Annette will contact Dan K and work on finding a way to help.
Mary B - our connection to the homeless here is one of our strengths. It should be a main focus of OG.

It was agreed to donate the OG rice to Food Not Bombs.

Ed - asked about a remedy for the damaged canopy on loan from WGOT. Turns out that It was very graciously donated to us by the station.

Mary B and John F expressed appreciation for OGs turnout to help Vets For Peace set up their Memorial Mile for Veteran's Day.

Meeting ended 8:10 pm