General Assembly Minutes 2012-06-16


Facilitator – Karin
Stack – Annette
Time – Lars
G/G – Whistler
Vibes – Geoff
Notes – Walton


News – 5 (+2)
Legal Update – 15
GA Status – 15
Activists Working Together – 15 (+15)
SERCO Electricity Bill – 2
Midnight GA – 5
Announcements and Appreciation– 5

Total time – 1:19


Tampa is hosting regional GAs that include Occupiers from surrounding areas.

The plans for a National GA in Phillie appear to be progressing.

Plaza residents have needs for updated photo IDs, getting their birth certificates, renewing driver’s licenses, and things of that nature. These needs keep them from receiving important services they are due. The Holy Trinity Church, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 11:00 to 1:00, is providing assistance in these tasks. Spread the word!

The state of Michigan has rushed new draconian abortion legislation. A female representative of the state has been banned from speaking after using the word “vagina” in a speech against the legislation. If you’re not a fan of women being jailed for murder under these circumstances, feel free to let Jim Stamos know about it.

Booth storage – the info booth now fits in the trunk of the average car. Laura is going to speak to the Lunch Box about a storage location; the Zen Center has offered space, but it is outside. Geoff also offered us some foyer space at his home near downtown.

There is reportedly a Florida GA occurring this weekend in Deland. However, there seems to be no mention of it on any Occupy Deland pages.

Legal Status

Regarding the events and arrests of 11 November, 2011. A motion has been filed on everyone’s behalf. (Copies of this motion to dismiss are available.) Geoff believes we have a good chance of coming out on top since our case is based on good, solid issues, like the violation of civil rights by the city, selective enforcement, and vagueness of the statute. There is some concern about individual cases of people who fell asleep on plaza; and the only serious concern is with individual cases involving prior histories and resisting without violence. Two judges have recused themselves from the case, and hearing is being scheduled. The defendants have been divided alphabetically into three groups, and each is assigned to an individual judge. The judges will probably preside together as a panel, and make a mutual ruling. A big turnout for the hearing is preferable, but defendants are not required to be present for the hearing; Geoff has already filed waivers of appearance. The next step is setting a court date, which is about two to four weeks out.

If anyone is interested in serving as a witness, please contact Annette; she is compiling a comprehensive list. Please include your name, address, phone number, and date of birth.

GA Status

(General Assembly, not Georgia; don’t worry Athens, we still love you.)

Proposal (passes): OG will be observing summer hours. GAs will begin at 7:30 PM on the plaza.

This change in schedule was made to accommodate work schedules and to beat the summer heat. Please show up, hang out, and be patient; we are still meeting and discussing topics like plaza issues, police interactions, and the occu-booth.

Activists Working Together

(or, “When Activists Attack!”)

Activists Working Together is a group that grew out of the May Day Planning Coalition. Their purpose is to plan future events and establish an aid and support network for local activists. They meet the second Wednesday of each month.

Several committees have been formed and email lists have been created.

A current project is planning a rally against the RNC on the 24th of August. Chris and Sara (from Anarchademics) are planning via email. An OG presence at the rally his hoped for; preliminary planning will be taken up at future GAs.

Proposal (passes): The next AWT meeting will be announced via Occupy Gainesville official channels.

There was some discussion about promoting outside events and posting non-OG events on the site and Facebook page. This issue will be revisited in the future; for the time being, we are simply announcing an opportunity, not endorsing the activity.

SERCO Electricity Bill

Proposal (passes): From OG funds, we will reimburse John F $100, who has already recompensed Stephen that amount.

Midnight GA

There was a suggestion, and some discussion, of having a midnight GA to express our concern as citizens. We will revisit this idea at a future GA.

Announcements and Appreciation

Chris thanks everyone who has been on Anarchy-1, and Karrie for designing their new banner. Check them out their live show, “Don’t Forget the Chaos”, on Sundays at 8PM.

Karin and Geoff appreciate everyone here tonight.

Lars appreciates the weather.

See you Tuesday, at 7:30, for the next GA!