General Assembly Minutes 2012-06-19

Facilitator – Chris et al
Time – Coral and Walton
Vibes – Everyone
Stack – Ed and Chris
G/G – Everyone
Notes – Walton

Rock and Egg Throwing on the Plaza – 10 (+8)
National Gathering – 10
Move to Amend – 10
Occupy Homes Minnesota Solidarity Action – 10
Tip Bill – 10 (+10)
Midnight GA – 10 (+10)

Total time – 1:28

Rock and Egg Throwing on the Plaza

Sunday night / Monday morning, a group of people shouted “fuck Occupy” from a car while throwing eggs and then, on a second pass, rocks. These people are generally described only as “young”, but one person claims that they were four young black males. The police were called, and they responded immediately and with appropriate concern. Our concern is that the city will use the possibility of bodily harm as an excuse to—once again—clear residents from the sidewalk at night. Holding security vigils was discussed, and a general need for comfortable arrangements was heard.

National Gathering

A National Gathering is being held in Philadelphia from June 30th to July 4th. Many Occupies are supporting this congregation, and we considered the prospect of adding OG’s endorsement to the event. Some of tonight’s GA participants expressed concern with the proposed agenda and intent of the gathering. It was suggested that we conduct further research before moving forward.

For anyone interested in seeing the gathering first-hand, a caravan is passing through Jacksonville. We also entertained the suggestion of asking Song Weaver for the use of his bus. The issue of the MIA roadtrip fund also resurfaced.

Move to Amend

At the last three county commission meetings, citizen speakers have educated the commissioners and the public on the problems with Citizens United. Two commissioners who originally supported CU have now changed their positions to publicly support of Move to Amend. MtA is currently pushing for a resolution and/or a ballot initiative in November.

The next city commission meeting is on Tuesday, the 26th. Public comment begins at approximately 5:00, and MtA hopes that – if you are concerned about Citizens United – to come and add your voice in asking 1) for a ballot initiative 2) to put this topic on the agenda for the July 10th meeting. You can also send letters or emails, but physical presence is most effective.

Occupy Homes Minnesota Solidarity Action

Occupy Homes Minnesota, the IWW, the Crews family, and others. Currently, activists are fighting against PNC Bank’s foreclosure of the Crews home after an automated error (on the bank’s part) landed the family with bogus charges. There have been five raids and 25 arrests thus far related to this particular foreclosure. A group is traveling to Pittsburg to deliver a petition to PNC Bank’s home office demanding that they halt the foreclosure.

On Thursday, from noon to 1:00pm, there will be a local solidarity action in front of the PNC branch office on Newberry and 43rd.

Tip Bill

OSI Restaurant Partners (who own and operate Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Carrabas Italian Grill, and other chains), along with local restaurateurs who are backing the national group, are planning to cut the minimum wage for tip-earners in half. The legislation has only passed through a subcommittee of the state legislature, but has not been signed into law yet. Demonstrations and actions are being planned; in the meantime, contact your representatives.

Midnight GA

Proposal (passes): the GA scheduled for Saturday, June 30th, has been moved back to 11:59pm. It will be a standard discussion and decision making GA. We, as US citizens and autonomous human beings, will exercise our right to peacefully assemble and discuss issues of public political concern. The GA will be held in either our community plaza or on the steps of city hall. All are welcome to attend and participate.