General Assembly Minutes 2012-06-23

Direct Action
Midnight GA
Move to Amend, Tuesday’s County Commission Meeting

No times were assigned. No formal roles were assigned. We had a great time, and made a new friend. Notes by Walton. Total time: about 1:45.


The committee (Chris, Ed, Sara, and the Anarchademics) planning the pep rally against the RNC met again. They are currently organizing locations, bands, food and drink, and the logistics of all these. They are also discussing hosting a food drive to help support the protest. They will meet again on Tuesday evening at 7pm at Maude’s. If you’d like to get involved before then, contact Chris, and she’ll add you to the Facebook page.

The food sovereignty working group has adopted the Porter’s community garden. The garden is privately owned, but the owner wants to see the space cultivated for community use. Compost bins are on the way, and will apply for a grant for rain catching equipment, but also have the option of getting a metered spigot with GRU. Next Saturday, they’ll be putting up decorative fencing starting at 8am. The back of the garden will have perennials, like fruit trees; the middle section will be row crops, which will be donated to St. Francis House and Food Not Bombs; and the front will be gift gardens, raised beds for members of the community. The group will prepare these gift gardens and then let the homeowners association can take over their care and maintenance, while the food sovereignty group maintains the rest of the garden. They will meet on Wednesday, from 6pm to 8pm, for a weeding work party.

Kai is riding the rails. He’s currently in Knoxville, on his way to the national Rainbow Gathering, then will probably come back to Gainesville.

The Gainesville Sun attended Jesus Love Bomb on Friday night. Ed and Chris went toe-to-toe with Wayne Sapp, who showed off his tattoo of a burning Quran.

media [at] received an email from Wells Fargo telling them that their account would be frozen if the online accounts weren’t reactivated. What the hell?

Annette is coordinating with Scott for a time to make a whole mess of OG buttons. Please contact her if you’d like to help out.

Tent-sitters, please keep an eye on the residents in the coming days and weeks. We don’t want to see anyone unfairly displaced.

Direct Actions

We spent a lot of time discussing possible direct actions we’d like to do.

RNC Comfort and Support – We discussed the logistics of providing food and campsites for travelers leaving the RNC in late August. We’d like to find a that can be accessed from major travel routes (I-75 and US-441) and that has ample space. We discussed Kate’s Fish Camp at length, since it has sample space and we’d be able to help support a local business.
Next steps: research locations, develop a more concrete plan, pitch it at Activists Working Together and try to gain support from other groups.

“Stickin’ It to ‘Em” – A stickering action. We approved $40 for Annette to purchase supplies and have stickers printed. More details coming soon.

Tip Bill action – We’d like to raise awareness about the new legislation that would cut tip-earning workers’ wages in half. There is local support for this from certain local business owners. We’d like to connect with other local businesses that oppose the wage cuts. At our last meeting, John F suggested that we connect with owner of Volta, and we discussed ways to raise awareness, such as picketing offending chain restaurants and leaving informational flyers along with tips for service workers.

Protest Sign Painting Contest – We would like to host an all-day event wherein community members would compete in making protest signs. We would like to offer prizes, which could be solicited from local businesses. We would also like to get the supplies donated, if possible, perhaps from Central Florida Office Supply. We would like form a judges’ panel and invite representatives from groups like: Grooveshark, Indie Gainesville, the Fine Print, the city council, the county commission, GPD – and we want Karrie to be the judge representing OG. Artists will be allowed to keep their signs or donate them to OG. We’re planning this event for the fall, and will use it to build up to our one year anniversary on 12 October, and use the donated art to make a sign garden on that day.
Next steps: reach out to the above organizations, begin obtaining materials and people.

Occupy Gainesville One Year Anniversary – We will celebrate the day we took to the plaza. We will display the signs from the painting contest, and probably have other events. Since the one-year reapplication limit will have passed, we would also like to pull a permit and make it an official city event.

Solidarity with UF – not the corporation, but the faculty, staff, and students. We would like to raise issues about how the school has been run under Bernie Machen, and start a public conversation about his successor. One concrete option is making a presence near the stadium during home football games to reach students, parents, and alumni.

Not Down with United Downtown – Each Friday before home football games, downtown is closed off so that the United Way can host a pep rally and raise money. This is a continuing detriment to local businesses. We’d like to support them and call attention to the United Way’s dubious dealings.

Midnight GA

Next Saturday’s GA has been moved to 11:59pm. This will be a standard decision-making assembly. Some proposed topics include the tip bill and a discussion about the right to freely assemble. This latter is a civil right guaranteed by the constitution, and this GA will be a means of asserting that right. It is not about disruption or disrespect. We plan to assemble at the east end of the plaza, near the speaker’s stand, so that we do not disturb the sleepers. The assembly will air live on Anarchy-1 radio. We are considering a press release.

Move to Amend and the City Commission Meeting

For background information, please see the notes for this same topic in the 19 June minutes.

The group recently discovered that an issue cannot be placed on the ballot via petition; the commissioners must place it on the ballot. This coming Tuesday, 26 June, will be the last chance for it to be voted onto the ballot. As such, Move to Amend needs everyone available to come to the public comment section at 5pm. You don’t need to speak, your presence and support is enough. If you’re unable to attend, you can also call them or send an email, and tell them that you support having the Move to Amend resolution placed on the ballot in November.