General Assembly Minutes 2012-07-07

Facilitator/ Mental Note Taker – Karrie
Time – John
Vibes – Everyone
Stack – Annette

Short and Sweet GA tonight.

No agenda

Proposal made to do a funny video of a bad meeting. Each person would play a role in what that happens at a bad GA meeting, like speaking out of turn, bad facilitation, bad stack taking, bad time keeper, rudeness, ect ect and make it into a short funny video to place on youtube to show what not to do in meeting.
The WORST GA EVER will be on Tuesday July 10 at 7:30pm at Bo Diddley Plaza or Gainesville City Hall stairs if it rains.
Consensuses reached

Talks for having a Direct Actions meeting sometime the week of July 16th. Date, Time and Where TBA
Direct Action to address the Server's Minimum Wage Issue.
See our calendar for updates.


The next Rally for the NRC Planning meeting will be Tuesday July 10th at 7:00pm at Maude's Classic Cafe

There is a Webinar by ACLU of Florida's July 10, Called "RNC in Tampa - What you need to know" at 7pm link to register is here:

Pat Fitzpatrick would like to hear from anyone interested in some way to protest the money spent ($189,000?) on the city's Dog Park (it was a ploy to chase out the homeless and is rarely used by doggies).