General Assembly Minutes 2012-07-21

General Assembly Minutes 2012 - 7 - 21

Facilitator - John F
Stack - David
Vibes - Nancy
Note taker - Annette


RNC Tampa/Gainesville
Upcoming Hearings
Road trip donations
Move To Amend


Court date - This Friday 7/27/12 at 1:30 in Courtroom 1A. Hearings for 29 members of OG

Direct Action by Committee to March on the RNC (Coalition) will have a direct action in front of Bank of America on University Ave Friday 7/27/12 at 5:30. Solidarity!

RNC Tampa/Gainesville

Annette went to Tampa this week to look at the event zone and collect info. The library near Perry Harvey Park, where the Coalition will assemble, will be closed during the RNC. The public restrooms in the public parks in Tampa are locked at all times. County offices downtown will be closed from August 20th through August 31st. The officially permitted protest area is two vacant fields and is quite close (1.5 blocks to the north) of the Forum.

John, Ian, and Annette attended the meeting of the Gainesville Committee to March on the RNC this past week. The Committee is Gainesville's chapter of The Coalition To March on the RNC which includes Vets for Peace, SDS, Occupy, Unions, and many other groups. The Coalition has acquired a permit to assemble and march through downtown Tampa on the 1st day of the event, Monday August 27th, starting at 10 am. They are sponsoring a bus to take participants from Gainesville to Tampa on that day, leaving early and returning the same day. Contact Michela Martinazzi for more info. The Coalition will be providing water, porta-potties and other amenities at the protest areas. Food Not Bombs will also be in Tampa for their annual gathering starting on Aug 20th.

Proposal - OG will support the protests at the RNC by donating $100 each to 3 local groups: Food Not Bombs, Rally Against the RNC, and Committee to March on the RNC.
Consensus reached.


The cases of 29 members of Occupy gainesville will be called up on Friday, July 27th at 1:30 pm in Courtroom 1A. The Motions To Dismiss will be heard by Judges Thomas M Jaworski, David P. Krieder, and Walter Green. Everyone is invited to respectfully show solidarity by attending.

Road Trip Donations

Months ago, money was donated at GAs for a proposed road trip. This money was collected by an individual and was not accounted for or held by the OG treasurer.

Proposal - This fund is considered to be "written off" as it is un-collectable by OG.
Consensus reached.

Move To Amend

Nancy reported that the local MTA was very disappointed that Commissioner Winston Bradley chose to flip and vote against putting the resolution on the November ballot. The group plans to take action now on 2 major fronts 1. Present the issue to the Gainesville City Council. 2. Conduct a public education campaign. MTA meets Wednesdays at the pride Center. Go to the "MoveToAmend Gainesville" (use exact same spelling) Fb page for more information.

Next GA - Tuesday 7/24/12 at 7:30 will focus on the upcoming hearings. All witnesses and defendants are encouraged to attend.