General Assembly Minutes 2012-07-31

Facilitator - Annette
Stack - Coral
Timekeeper - Ellen A
Vibe Checker - Michelle

OG T-shirts
Homeless Advocacy

Aug 20th- 27th Food Not Bombs World Gathering in Tampa.
Aug 24th - Gainesville Rally to March at the CMC from noon to midnight.
Aug 27th - 30th RNC in Tampa
October 30th - Motion To Dismiss trespassing charges against 30 Occupy Gainesville participants.

OG T-Shirts
Coral says there are no more XL sizes left and very few Large sizes. Most are small or medium. He will set aside a dozen or so and take the rest to place on consignment at Hear Again.
PROPOSAL - The next shirt order should be a sleeveless style and contain more larger sizes. Consensus reached.

Homeless Advocacy - Ellen A has been providing food, supplies and referrals to the downtown homeless folks for 3 years now. She sets up at the parking lot of the library every Tuesday, but may need to change the location soon. She will keep us informed and let us know if there is any way that we might help.

Michelle will be contacting all Radical Cheerleaders soon to set up a practice. They will be cheering at the Rally on Aug 24th at the CMC.

Several members of Occupy Gainesville will be attending the demonstrations going on in downtown Tampa Aug 27th- 30th. OG members are also with Food Not Bombs which will be in Tampa from Aug 20th for their World Gathering and will stay to feed activists.
There will be a bus to shuttle Gainesville people to the 1st Day, Monday Aug 27th to the permitted march put on by the Coalition to March on the RNC. The bus will be leaving early and returning later the same day. Transportation contact person is Michela. She can be reached through Emily at the CMC on by going on Fb to Gainesville Committee to March on the RNC.

Coral suggest we consider an OG pizza party!