General Assembly Minutes 2012-08-11

Facilitator - Nancy
Stack - Whistler
Note Taker - Annette
Dollar Stamp project
Endorsement of Coalition To March
Overpass Sign Project
T- Shirts
Rock The Chalk
General Discussion

Dollar Stamp Project
Nancy reports that the Move To Amend group is ordering two stamps of their own. Liz borrowed our stamp which says "A Corporation Is Not A Person, Money Is Not Speech," . When she returned it, she gave us a sign she made for our InfoBooth. It has a photo of a stamped bill and says "STAMP YOUR GREENBACKS." Thanks Liz!

Endorsement of The Coalition To March
Somehow OG overlooked adding it's endorsement to The Coalition To March On The RNC. Several of our members will be marching in solidarity on August 27th in Tampa.
Proposal - Occupy Gainesville endorses The Coalition To March On The RNC.
Consensus reached.

Overpass Sign Project
Nancy J suggested, and it was generally agreed, that since both our groups (OG and MTA) are very busy and stretched a bit thin right now, that we move our plans to build the first sign until October or so. Annette gave a first draft of the materials list with pricing to Nancy to take to MTA and will work on a prototype letter.

Coral has reported that we are running low on shirts, being completely out of XL and XXL sizes. Nancy suggests we do an inventory. Annette has emailed Dragonfly Graphics for details of the last order. It was generally agreed that the next shirts should be tank top style.
Proposal - OG should keep a minimum amount of $500 in it's account to be available for T-shirt re-orders.
Consensus reached.

Rock The Chalk
Chalking messages on public sidewalks is becoming an important form of political speech, as well as a way to exercise 1st Amendment Rights. Our right to express ourselves this way has been upheld in Federal court recently in the case of Tim Osmar of Occupy Orlando. Participants in tonight's GA wrote many messages on the sidewalks in front of City Hall. It was agreed that, since chalk is even cheaper than talk, we will keep chalk at the InfoBooth and to every GA to encourage it's use. Chalkupy Everywhere!

General Discussion
Many topics were touched upon, including:
* The disturbing militarization of local police departments.
* How Occupy language is being increasingly used everywhere in our culture.
* Positive progress some of us have had in waking up our relatives, friends and co-workers to the issues of the 99% vs the 1%.

When GPD's two mounted police officers rode up, we engaged them in conversation about how disturbed we are by the militarization of GPD and ASO and concerns for our mutual safety at the upcoming RNC in Tampa. None of us brought up messages all around us.