General Assembly Minutes 2012-08-18

Facilitator - Whistler\Stack - Pat F
Time Keeper - John F
Note taker - Annette
Vibe checker - Mary F

Overpass Light Project
Open Discussion
Homeless Issues

Overpass Light Project
Participants continue to plan and work on there prototype letter. The order of black coroplast arrived. John F has some LED lights and will experiment with making the first letter.

Member's plans to rent a house in downtown Tampa fell through. A banner is being worked on that will say "WE The People" "Not Just We The Billionaires." We are trying to get permission to hang this on private property, but if that does not happen, we shall not be deterred. We also have materials to make new signs for the RNC protests - need ideas.

Homeless Issues
Pat F will be protesting outside the building on E 1st St where the County Commission will be meeting this Tuesday at 9:30 am. Todd Chase has proposed that the empty jail building on 39th Ave be used for the One Stop Homeless Center. This idea is growing some legs since it would recycle an existing structure and possibly draw less resistance from neighbors, since there are no immediate neighbors.

Open discussion
Occupy Gainesville's endorsement of the Coalition to March on the RNC has been posted on their page.
We stamped bills with the Corporations Are Not People stamp.
Joseph brought business cards from Omi's catering and he will speak to her about food donations.