General Assembly Minutes 2012-09-15

Welcome and consensus review – 5
Announcements and news – 10
Anniversary planning – 30
Gratefulness and thankfulness – 10

Facilitator – Karin
Stack – Ilene
G/G – Nancy
Timelord – Zot
Notes – Walton
Vibes – dem dogs

Announcements and news

OG will table at Radical Rush. On the 18th and 19th of September, the event will be held at UF’s Plaza of the Americas. On the 20th, it will be at Oak Grove at/near Santa Fe College. Each day it will run from 11:00 to 2:00. We need volunteers to staff our table! You’ll have the company of our fellows from the CMC, Vets for Peace, Move to Amend, IWW, ISO, SDS, and many others.

On the 21st, the CMC will host a social and barbecue from 7:00 through midnight.

Trespassing charges against OG are still pending.

17 September is OWS’s first anniversary. Our own Annette Gilley is already there, despite Gainesville security’s attempt to stop her. Details forthcoming.

Anniversary planning

12 October is OG’s first anniversary. Bo Diddley Plaza is booked that night (last concert of the season, the art festival, and United Downtown).

Our current, tentative plan for the day is:
- Set up the info tent as soon as we have someone to staff it
- Converge in front of city hall at 5:00 to meet, greet, and revel
- March to the corner of University and 13th at 6:00 to occupy Protest Corner; we’ll also shake our fists and make dirty faces at the banks along the way
- March to The Jam for a reception
- Party hardy

We preauthorized a planning subcommittee to fine-tune the timing.

Next steps:
- Ed will talk to Eddie to get details about using The Jam as our venue
- Walton will begin preparing a press release
- Karrie will whip up one of her famous posters
- Ilene (and Michelle and Tommy, who were volunteered en absentia) will plaster Gville with said posters
- Jen will look into booking some bands
- Zot and Jen will look into coordinating the eats
- Karrie will create a planning committee group page on Facebook

We will have an informal report-back this coming Thursday, and we will reconvene in two weeks from tonight.