General Assembly Minutes 2012-09-29

Announcements and news – 5 mins.
Open Discussion 10 mins.
Anniversary planning – 20 mins.
Proposal 3 mins.
Gratefulness and thankfulness – 5 mins.

Facilitator – Nancy/Chris
Stack – Annette
Timelord – Coral
DJ Scribbles (aka Note taker) – Karrie

Ileen is tired.
Annette and Illeen are going to Occupy Tampa’s for 1 year Anniversary on Monday Oct 1st.
The movie Insider Job is a must see movie.
Talks about peoples current employment issues.

Open Discussion
Talks about Jail Union, and if Occupy Gainesville is support in the issue the Jail union is going through, more talks to get more info on the issue and to speak to some of our local workers union here in of area to get more info and talk about it more on next Saturdays meeting.

Anniversary planning
Moving screen is in place for project now at The Jam
Supplies needed for The Jam TP and Paper towels
Logistic meeting set for Oct 3 7pm at The Jam
Food Pot Luck
Chris to make cake
Need a OG table and shirts
* Proposal to order 100 OG shirts – Consensus reached
Video to be 10mins, slide show of photos to run all night.
Get the word out share the event page, flyer town.

$50.00 to go to Move to Amend for the convergence in Dec. - Consensus reached
$25.00 to go to printing of 1 year flyers - Consensus reached
$50.00 for misc supplies we may need for 1 year planning event - Consensus reached
$100 for the light up signs for 1 year event that will say Occupy Gainesville - Consensus reached

Gratefulness and thankfulness
Ileen appreciate everyone at this meeting
Annette appreciate Doug
Appreciation for Pussy Rito
Throughout the night much parse came for Blake and Eddie for there on going, no questions ask, support of Occupy Gainesville and that we should never forget all they have done for Occupy Gainesville and all of us.